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    22 Stylish Swimming Trunks for Men (2023 Summer Edition)
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22 Stylish Swimming Trunks for Men (2023 Summer Edition)

With beach season upon us, swimming trunks are a necessity. Whether you’re wanting to enjoy the surf, rays, or barbecues, we have you taken care of with 22 of the best men’s swimming trunks for 2023.

Swimming Trunks for Men

Warmer weather calls for less clothes, and even more so, it calls for wet and wild fun. You need to be ready for a day in the sun with a stylish pair of swimming trunks.

Swimming trunks serve a specific purpose, and although they can be designed for suitable wear in a variety of environments, that purpose is to be worn in the water.

Regular shorts don’t share this flexibility. You can’t pull up to the pool in a pair of cargo shorts, it will be an uncomfortably soggy experience. swimming trunks feature lightweight, moisture-wicking, UV safe material. So, you can get the look of shorts that won’t weigh you down.

How to Find the Right Swimming Trunks

  • First and foremost, you need to be comfortable in whatever pair of swimming trunks you choose. And I don’t just mean for you to find a pair that feels good. Look for a pair that you feel confident in.
  • Swimming trunks are no longer a single use item of clothing. Now it’s about finding a balance between casual shorts and trunks.
  • Today your options for swimming trunks will have a tailored fit and come in a variety of solid colors and wildly extravagant, sometimes whimsical, prints. Unlike with most fashion ensembles, you can use more patterns and prints with swimwear because it’s all about having fun in the sun.
  • You want to make sure your trunks are quick drying and lightweight. You don’t want to get stuck hanging around in soaking wet shorts while cruising beach front stores or bars.
  • Since trunks come in several different lengths, you want to pay attention to the inseam. If you want to make your legs appear longer, stick with a pair with a shorter inseam. But wear trunks with a slightly longer inseam if you don’t want to show off too much thigh.

22 Best Swimming Trunks for 2023

You’ve paid your dues, you never skipped leg day, spent months indoors, and now it’s time to catch some rays and give your body some much needed vitamin D. But before you grab whatever you can find at the novelty shop closest to the beach boardwalk, take a look at our list of 22 of the best mens swimming trunks of the season.

1. WAHTS – Hudson Swim Shorts

WAHTS Hudson Swim Shorts Shop Now

Who said you couldn’t swim in style? The Hudson swimming shorts from WAHTS features a mid-length cut that’s simple but has an ultra-flattering design. The adjustable drawstring waistband keeps things smart and comfortable all day long, while the internal mesh lining the trunks is fitted with provides plenty of support. And the quick-drying shell will keep you comfy once out of the water.

And what about your essentials? Thankfully, it has a secure back pocket for keeping your credit cards, some cash, or your room key. 

2. CDLP – Swim Shorts

CDLP Swim Shorts Shop Now

CDLP is a fairly new luxury masculine essentials brand but is already transforming the swimwear market by introducing sustainability. Do you want to go swimming in the most ocean-friendly way possible? 

The swim shorts by CDLP introduce the regenerated premium nylon fiber called ECONYL, sources from nylon wastes like fabric scraps and fishing nets from the ocean and landfills. And besides eco-friendliness, comfort and fit are the least of your worries while wearing these swim shorts. Short leg regular fit with mesh lining and adjustable drawstring waistband ensures proper support and comfort. And, of course, the fabric is quick-drying. 

3. H&M – Patterned Swim Shorts

H&M - Patterned Swim Shorts in light blue pattern

 Splash into summer with fun patterned swimming trunks from H&M. If you’re looking for beachwear that won’t break the bank then H&M has what you need.

Not only are these swimming trunks stylish, they’re eco friendly too! H&M uses 100% recycled polyester with their swimwear.

H&M’s patterned swimming trunks are about thigh length, come with an elastic waistband and drawstrings. They also have a welt back pocket, and a mesh liner. Everything you could want in a pair of men’s swimming trunks.

4. Chubbies – 5.5″ Stretch

Retro swim trunks from Chubbies
Buy now

Chubbies may have a reputation as being the go to shorts for frat boys, but their swim trunk line is truly impressive. If there’s one thing the Chubbies brand does well, it’s shorts, so the crossover to swimming trunks is a breeze for this company.

The classic 5.5” swimming trunks from Chubbies come in a vast variety of colors, patterns, and can come with or without lining. Plus with Chubbies swimming trunks you can opt for a longer 7” inseam or even a shorter 4” inseam.

5. J. Crew – 6″ Swim Trunk in Prints

J. Crew - 6" Swim Trunk in light blue diamond print with copper draw string
J.Crew offers a fashionable selection of swimming trunks. For those looking for a quality mid length pair of swimming trunks then J.Crew is the way to go.

J.Crew swimming trunks feature a mesh lining, a key chain loop on the waist, and they’re water repellent. You’re also doing the environment a favor by shopping at J.Crew because they use environmentally friendly materials for their swimming trunks.

6. Amazon Essentials – Quick-Dry Swim Trunks

Amazon Essentials - Quick-Dry Swim Trunks in navy blue and white stripes
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It’s been quite a long time since anyone thought of Amazon as a simple online bookstore. Amazon has come a long way since it’s conception and is now a global behemoth of a website where you can buy anything under the sun, including Amazon Essentials swimming trunks.

Amazon’s swimming trunks have an elastic waist and drawstring for a secure fit. The two side pockets are discreet, not taking away from the slim look of the trunks. And the back pocket has a Velcro closure to help secure your belongings. Amazon’s swimming trunks make sure you have your bases covered and look great all at once.

7. Patagonia – Men’s Baggies

Patagonia - Men's Baggies in teal

Patagonia Men’s Baggies are a versatile option for those looking for a pair of swimming trunks that can be worn in or out of the water. Whether you’re setting sail on a boat, treading water, or taking a hike through the mountains, Patagonia Baggies are all you’ll need.

The waist is elastic with a drawstring so you can reinforce the fit and avoid any wardrobe malfunctions in the water. Patagonia also uses recycled materials for their swimming trunks, which means you can feel good while enjoying the outdoors.

The fabric is durable and water repellent with a quick drying, lightweight, mesh liner to help keep you cool. You also get the benefit of vertical side pockets to store your belongings.

8. L.L. Bean – Supplex Sport Shorts

L.L. Bean - Supplex Sport Shorts in brick red

When it comes to quality outdoor gear, L.L. Bean has a well deserved reputation for bringing top rate clothing and accessories. The Men’s Classic Supplex Sport Shorts are no exception.

L.L. Bean’s classic swimming trunks are made with an ultraviolet protection fabric so your colors won’t fade away in the sun. You’ll get side pockets, and a welt back pocket, so you can keep your essentials on you at all times.

The fabric is super lightweight, and water repellent, so you won’t be a walking puddle after a dip in the water.

9. Speedo – Knee Length Marina Volley

Speedo - Knee Length Marina Volley in dark blue
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Speedo is well known for their swimwear and for good reason, they continuously produce excellent swimwear and accessories. And their swimming trunks are no exception.

Speedo’s swimming trunks hit right above the knee and feature an elastic waistband with a drawstring. The pockets have a mesh lining and drainage hole to avoid any water build up restricting your swim.

10. Vuori Banks – Kore Shorts

Vuori Banks - Kore Shorts in black

Do you enjoy lounging by the pool while sipping beachy cocktails as much as you enjoy diving headfirst into the crystal clear waters? Vuori Banks will ensure you look stylish no matter the setting.

The 5” Kore shorts are the perfect summer addition for your wardrobe. These fashionable shorts feature moisture wicking tech and they’re anti-odor which is awesome if you’re looking to avoid smelling like chlorine.

11. Kanu Surf – Barracuda

Kanu Surf - Barracuda in tropical black and blue floral pattern
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Kanu Surf is a swimwear brand that set out to produce surf and swim staples. Their Barracuda swimming trunks hit at the knee for more coverage and feature a drawstring, elastic waist combo.

Barracuda swimming trunks come with two cargo pockets for ample storage and come in a plethora of colors and patterns.

Shopping for swim gear can get stressful considering the fact you’re putting the majority of your body on display. So, Kanu Surf gives you a no fuss option that will still leave you looking fresh in the summer heat.

12. Dandy Del Mar – Mallorca Shorts

1o. Dandy Del Mar - Mallorca Shorts in a light striped pattern

If you want to look and feel like you were transported back to a beachfront party in the 70’s then look no further than Dandy Del Mar. The Mallorca Swim-Walk Shorts are the perfect swimming trunks for those on the hunt for a vintage look.

No matter if you’re out boating, floating, or just hanging within close proximity of the pool, you’ll look incredible in the Mallorca shorts.

For added perks, Dandy Del Mar’s Mallorca shorts are extremely versatile with a zip front and antique brass snap button, along with side brass buckles to add to that retro look.

13. Goodthreads – Men’s 7″ Inseam Swim Trunk

Goodthreads - Men's 7" Inseam Swim Trunk in green
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Another brand via Amazon is Goodthreads. If you want a more hip look then the 7” swimming trunks from Goodthreads deserves your consideration.

In a wide array of colors and patterns, these swimming trunks have a fresh look that shines through their classic design.

These trunks feature an elastic drawstring waist closure, quick drying material, and mesh lining. So, you can be comfortable and look good wherever you end up during or after a day in the sun.

14. Fair Harbor – Sextant Side Stripe

Fair Harbor - Sextant Side Stripe in blue with teal stripe

Having options is nice. Not having to choose between options is even better. If you’re not sure if your day is going to take you to the beach or the bar then Fair Harbor has just what you need to get both a stylish pair of shorts and trunks.

Sextant by Fair Harbor is an unassuming pair of swimming trunks. The elastic on the waist is reduced to the sides and there’s no drawstring in sight. The only slight giveaway is the loop on the back of the pants. From the front, you’d think they were a regular pair of shorts.

The outer material is made from recycled bottles, so you’re not only saving yourself from the fashion police, you’re helping save the environment. You’ll also get ample pocket space, with a zipper on the back pocket to keep your personal items secure.

15. Volcom – Mod Tech

Volcom - Mod Tech in brown camo

Do you need swimming trunks that will withstand your active lifestyle? Look no further than Volcom for a durable, high quality, pair of trunks.

The Mod-Tech series is built to last. These swimming trunks are ultra flexible with a four way stretch material. Comfort will be the least of your worries while wearing a pair of Volcom Mod-Tech trunks.

16. SILKWORLD – Beach Shorts with Pockets

SILKWORLD - Beach Shorts with Pockets in teal
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If you’re looking for all day comfort then check out SILKWORLD Men’s Trunks. These swimming trunks both look and feel good.

SILKWORLD swimming trunks are 100% nylon with a polyester mesh lining. The length is around 16”-17” depending on which size you choose. But they will fall above the knee to give you extra flexibility. And of course, they’re quick drying.

You can have your pick of many different colors and simple color combinations. Nothing too gaudy, just the bare necessities.

17. Bonobos – Solid Swim Trunks

Bonobos Solid Swim Trunks have a resort vibe you can’t pass up. These swimming trunks are a simple design but that doesn’t mean that they’re basic.

The Bonobos Swim Trunks have an elastic drawstring waist, and a 6.5” inseam. You can feel good about your purchase because they’re made from 85% recycled polyester. The other 15% of material used is spandex so these trunks are made for comfort.

18. Orlebar Brown – Bulldog

Orlebar Brown - Bulldog in black

Orlebar Brown is known for going in a direction where other men’s swimwear designers weren’t. They sought to create versatile swimwear that men could wear no matter where they went, And they did just that.

Although the Orlebar Brown brand comes with a hefty price tag for a pair of swimming trunks, it’s important to remember that they serve more than one purpose. These trunks aren’t a simple one-trick pony.

The design of their trunks are similar to that of a pair of tailored shorts. With quick drying fabric you can go from the beach to the café in minutes without anyone being the wiser to your pre-lunch soak. There’s also an added bonus of a water-resistant drawstring bag for storage.

19. Maamgic – 7″ Swim Trunks

Maamgic - 7" Swim Trunks in teal and pink shark pattern
Buy now

When you’re planning a beach trip or going to spend your day by the pool, you want to have fun. So, why shouldn’t your swimming trunks be fun too?

With Maamgic’s swimming trunks you can have fun while wearing fun swimwear. You can choose from several comedic designs, or vibrant colorful patterns. And don’t worry, if you’re looking for something less noisy, there are some very tasteful options as well.

Plus the quality is top notch. You get lightweight, quick drying material, ample pocket space, and a stylish slim cut. What’s not to love?

20. Vintage Summer – Solid Washed Swim Trunks

Vintage Summer - Solid Washed Swim Trunks in washed pale green

The Solid Washed Swim Trunks from Vintage Summer definitely live up to their namesake. These swimming trunks have a well worn look but are made to last.

The nylon is quick drying and stretchy for maximum mobility and comfort. You get side seam pockets and a back pocket that can seal shut. All of that in a very appealing pair of trunks.

21. Vineyard Vines – Island Chappy

Vineyard Vines - Island Chappy in light pastel blue

Vineyard Vines wants you to enjoy life no matter where you are. And their signature preppy chic attire makes for perfect beach gear.

Island Chappy swimming trunks fall slightly above the knee and are lightweight. You get a classic elastic drawstring waist, a mesh liner, and they even throw in a carrying pouch. If you want high-end swimwear, then don’t pass up Vineyard Vines.

22. COS – Packable Shorts

COS - Packable Shorts in charcoal

If you’re wanting to be prepared for anything but don’t want to wear swimming trunks all day then COS Packable Shorts will spark your interest. COS designed these trunks to fold up into a small pouch you can take with you anywhere you go.

COS is on a mission to produce more sustainable clothing. So, the Packable Shorts are made from 100% recycled polyester.

You’ll look cool while staying cool in these stylish trunks.

Swimming Trunks Through the Ages

A man on the beach heading a soccer ball

Imagine the world a hundred years ago. The 1920’s is just taking off. Art and jazz music are flourishing, prohibition is in full force, and men’s swimwear consists of… a one piece suit.

During the 20’s, the idea of beach vacations and swimwear was a new concept to the masses. It will actually take a few more decades before men’s swimwear resembles the swimming trunks we’re familiar with today.

Today’s men are less restricted in their beachwear. They need swimming trunks that are both great for the pool and the pool party. However, many swimming trunks draw inspiration from the vintage beachwear of yesteryear, with similar fits and patterns. Minus the addition of a belted tank top.

Final Thoughts

No matter your style or activity preference, there is swimwear out there that suits all of your needs. You can stay comfortable, look great, and avoid wet car seats on the way home from the beach. All you need is a new pair of trunks.

Let us know your favorite pair of swimming trunks in the comments!