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    Best Vertical Bifold Wallet for Classy, Organised Men
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Best Vertical Bifold Wallet for Classy, Organised Men

Is that hand-me-down tri-fold wallet looking a tad underutilized in today’s cashless environment? Is your long-term regular wallet becoming too thick to sit or stand with comfily? Or are you just now realizing the importance of a slim wallet? Then it’s time for a vertical bifold wallet.

Mens vertical bifold wallet

Most leather wallets in the market hold their cards horizontally or are high-end designer vertical bifold items. An attractive $80 leather wallet can dampen the spirits of buyers who are wary about losing an expensive wallet to a pickpocket.

The list below has excellent vertical closure wallets with the best of both worlds. But first, let’s go through what you need to consider when shopping for your ideal vertical bifold wallet.

What to Look For in a Vertical Bifold Wallet

The ideal wallet should be able to carry your essentials and still look stylish, whether tacked inside your pocket or when pulled out at the store. If it ticks the following boxes, then you’ve probably found yourself a winner, and you can pull out your old wallet one last time to purchase that supreme vertical bifold wallet.

Don’t have time to read? Here is our list of the best bifold wallets (There’s one for every price range):

  1. Travando Austin Vertical Bifold Wallet

  2. Zitahli Men’s Vertical Bifold Wallet

  3. Serman Brands Wallets for Men

  4. Runbox Minimalist Slim Wallet for Men

  5. Bryker Hyde Vertical Bifold Wallet

  6. Gostwo Men’s Slim Minimalist Wallet

  7. Suavell Leather Slim Wallets for Men

  8. Bexar Goods Vertical Bifold Wallet

  9. Bellroy Card Sleeve

  10. SlimFold Micro Soft Shell Minimalist Wallet

  11. DUN Wallets Original Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Quality of Material

Wallet material technology is advancing, and today you will find excellent carbon fiber and metallic wallets. That said, leather remains a rational leader in wallet production. Leather quality varies as per its source, treatment, and workmanship.

The best wallets are full-grain leather items made from a hide that has few natural imperfections. Full-grain wallets are durable, elegant, and cultivate an exceptional patina with use. Wallets that have a genuine leather label may not last as long as full-grain leather accessories.


Minimalist wallets are all the rage at the moment. Should you choose a slim vertical bi-fold wallet, you will have to compromise on storage space and design. Larger capacity trifold wallets have carrying space but could be bulky. However, they are suitable for travel, adequately holding boarding passes, passports, and larger amounts of cash.


A vertical bi-fold wallet might have top-notch leather and design but will not last long if its artistry is poor. The best wallet makers have years of experience and are trustworthy. It pays to study reviews before purchase to gauge a producer’s level of workmanship. The best wallet makers produce impressive-looking items that have a long life.

RFID protection

Credit card chips protect against counterfeiting but are becoming a channel for identity theft. Scammers are slowly perfecting the art of skimming card data. For this reason, have a wallet that blocks RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) scanners or have a Card Guard in your pocket.

Top 11 Mens Vertical Bifold Wallets

Here’s the guide to our top 11 picks of the best vertical bifold wallets in the market today.

1. Travando Austin Vertical Bifold Wallet

Travando Austin Vertical Bifold Wallet

Society is inching closer to a cashless state. Soon, you will make all your payments via a single card or a smartphone. That day is not here yet. For this reason, the slimmest of wallets might not meet all your storage needs. Some wallets are too minimalist for the man who has to travel across states lugging around multiple cards.

If you hate managing a home and travel wallet, go for the Travando Austin vertical bifold wallet. Amongst its features are 11 card slots that will hold every card you own, including an ID, work RFID, passport, business cards, and various plastic money cards.

The wallet has a handy external notch that makes it easy for you to push out the cards, especially when breaking into the wallet. The Travando Austin vertical bifold wallet has a practical inbuilt money clip for all your notes. It is metallic and can hold together several bills, so no more crumpled notes for you.

This wallet has RFID protection for your cards, blocking the 13.56 MHz band. An affordable organizer, it will slim your pocket down yet take along the bulk of your everyday use items. It will fit snugly in your pocket, looking elegant and stylish whenever you take it out.

2. Zitahli Men’s Vertical Bifold Wallet

Zitahli Men's Vertical Bifold Wallet

The carbon leather Zitahli Vertical Bifold Wallet has that attractive crosshatched appearance that makes carbon fiber wallets extremely attractive. The wallet has a minimalist slim pocket look and excellent artisanship. A durable wallet, it will look as fresh a year down the lane, just as when you bought it.

So, if you have grown weary of wallets that quickly bend out of shape, leaving your cards exposed to loss, then go the Zitahli wallet way. With it, you can end an era of wallet material and lining that rips while in use or colors that blanch. Zitahli will be a lifelong companion, and you will treasure its precise edges and soft feel.

The wallet can hold 12 cards and has a money clip. It has a thumb hole feature that makes it easy for you to pull out your cards. It also offers RFID protection obstructing the 13.56 MHz band to keep your card data safe from theft. Zitahli is so confident of this product’s quality that they offer a lifetime warranty for it.

3. Serman Brands Wallets for Men

Serman Brands Wallets for Men

The Serman Brands Wallet is a full-grain leather item that’s as minimalist in design as they come. It is not too stark in utility and can hold eight cards plus a good amount of bills. It has a draw strap that makes access to cards easy and has a photo ID slot. There are front pockets to store your most active cards.

This leather wallet has RFID protection features for your card data, screening 13.56 MHz signals and higher. The wallets will age gracefully and are super sleek in look. The Serman Brands wallet has a 12-month product guarantee that covers any factory defects.

4. Runbox Minimalist Slim Wallet for Men

Runbox Minimalist Slim Wallet for Men

A threadbare nylon wallet might be perfect for outdoor living but will not do when that perfect highflying job position comes calling. You’ll need a wallet with a glitzy persona that fits the workplace. No one wants to display a tattered wallet while picking up the after-work drinks tab.

A vertical bifold wallet as good looking as this number from Runbox is perhaps what you need. A slim leather wallet, it can house 10 cards at a go. Use the wallet’s pop-out card detail for faster card access. You can hold over 20 bills with its inbuilt money clip.

Avoid the awkwardness of opening your whole wallet while on a queue flipping through your bills in public. Simply flip the top of the Runbox wallet and slide out any note you want at hip level. One other excellent Runbox Minimalist Wallet feature is its clear plastic driving license holder. Runbox wallets have RFID security technology that guards all your sensitive card data.


5. Bryker Hyde Vertical Bifold Wallet

Bryker Hyde Vertical Bifold Wallet

The Bryker Hyde pocket wallet offers robust identity bodyguard features for all your cards. Their top of the line technology leverages a cross of composite metals, building a barrier against 13.56 MHz frequencies.

The leather wallet is extremely attractive and of top-notch construction. It can wield 11 cards in its internal and pull-tab pockets. The folding clip that holds the bills slides out smoothly and stays in place when not in use. The Bryker Hyde vertical bi-fold wallet has a lifetime and a money-back guarantee for peace of mind.

6. Gostwo Men’s Slim Minimalist Wallet

Gostwo Men’s Slim Minimalist Wallet

The Gostwo Vertical Bifold Wallet is a low-cost product, perfect for the man with just but a few cards and notes to carry. The wallet is very basic, holding a maximum of 3 cards at a go. There is also an ID card window and a cash pocket.

If you need a wallet that can hold larger items, you need to look further upstream. That said, this wallet is a leather item, with excellent stitching and good looks. It will work perfectly for the beginner wallet bearer graduating from the Minecraft Creeper junior wallet.

The Gostwo men’s wallet is all the upgrade they will need to introduce the actual world of financial responsibility. It has a robust RFID blocking feature too.

7. Suavell Leather Slim Wallets for Men

Suavell Leather Slim Wallets for Men

If you are looking for a compact wallet with tons of storage spaces, go for the Suavell vertical bifold moneybag. It can hold 11 cards and has two convenient external slots for your most active credit or debit card. The money clip can hold quite a sizable amount of cash.

The leather wallet has that suave carbon fiber wallet vibe. Its exterior has a crosshatch texture that blends well with the Captain Black Odyssey shade. The grain works well with the Suavell slim wallet look fitting perfectly in a shirt pocket and looking great while at it. This wallet has RFID scanner protection and has a one-year warranty.

8. Bexar Goods Vertical Bifold Wallet

Bexar Goods Vertical Bifold Wallet

This Bexar Goods Wallet is a dapper guy’s type of vertical bifold wallet. It sells straight from the Bexar Goods store, the finest purveyors of fine leather goods. Its color “vegetable tanned harness leather” ticks off all the right boxes, is tough to beat, and exemplary.

The vegetable tanning process exalts the leather’s natural attributes, revealing a luxury and fashion pelt with a sporty and classic look. The vegetable tannins lade the leather with warm color tones, bringing out the skin’s minute veins and wrinkles for special effects.

At Bexar, the artisans then saddle stitch the pieces of leather together by hand in a robust poly cord thread. The saddle stitching technique is as ancient as leatherworking and lasts longer than the machined lock stitches.

Like all good things, this wallet’s leather will age elegantly over time, rendering it firm but supple and telling your life story. This bi-fold wallet is minimalist as it gets, as it has two stash and four card pockets. It will look elegant on your back or front pocket, working perfectly for anyone looking to slim their wallet size.

Purchase: $115

9. Bellroy Card Sleeve

Bellroy Card Sleeve

Bellroy leather products are a work of art cherished by many style experts around the world. The brand makes model travel accessories, bags, and wallets and is a premium accessory brand. The Aussie startup uses the best quality full grain and top grain leather. For this reason, all Bellroy products hold their shape perfectly, are durable and strong.

This expensive hide undergoes a combination of vegetable and safe chrome tanning. The latter gives Bellroy accessories a soft feel giving you a wallet that you will hold on to for years to come. The Bellroy Card Sleeve is an ultra-slim vertical bi-fold wallet, which can also work as a business cardholder.

As a wallet, it is extremely minimalist, has no zips or linings. It can hold 8 cards and a few folded bills. Its main storage feature has a pull-tab for easy access to cards or cash. The pull-tab also keeps all the wallet items organized to fend off any wallet mining when you are in a hurry.

This Bellroy card sleeve is a perfect sidekick to a larger wallet. Empty into it all your everyday use cards and place it in your jacket’s inner pocket. It is so neat and slim; its presence will not break that perfect silhouette.

10. SlimFold Micro Soft Shell Minimalist Wallet

SlimFold Micro Soft Shell Minimalist Wallet

The SlimFold Vertical Bifold Wallet is as thin as the Dun wallets product, but it is not a leather item. Its Soft Shell fabric is thin but ultra-durable, a product of Gore-Tex® manufacturers. SlimFold is based in San Francisco and focuses on the production of eco-friendly products.

Its minimalist wallets are very popular around the globe. While this wallet is only 0.2 inches thick, it can carry close to 12 cards. Its money pocket is large enough for the Euro, Canadian, and US dollar. The Micro Soft Shell wallet works perfectly as an outdoor or formal item and has a five-year warranty.

11. DUN Wallets Original Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

DUN Wallets Original Leather Bi-Fold Wallet

Dun Wallets has named this genuine leather accessory the thinnest billfold on earth. The wallet has a micro 0.2-inch width dropping out of sight in any shirt, back, or front pocket. It is an everyday carry accessory for the person looking for a barely-there item.

Its design is basic, bereft of patterns and other trappings. However, you can choose between red, gray, or orange stitching for your black Dun wallet. There is also a brown leather color variety. Its innovative wallet has a soft shell skin that is waterproof and as thin as paper. It is also extremely stretchy yet durable and has a smooth matte interior.

Made from top-grain leather, it will age handsomely despite everyday rugged use. In terms of capacity, the Dun wallet can hold up to ten bills and four cards. One of its pockets makes an ideal coin or key holder. It has RFID protective German technology.

The Final Word

A wallet might be a cash and card storage item, but truth be told, it is also a statement piece. It can highlight your style and character. Choose any of the vertical bi-fold wallets above and instantly elevate your look.