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    10 Cool Bandanas to Up Your Fashion Game Any Day
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10 Cool Bandanas to Up Your Fashion Game Any Day

It’s hard not to feel at least a little badass wearing a cool bandana. After all, they’re a symbol of cultural subversion, rebellion, and liberation. Of course, they’re extremely practical too, able to be worn in numerous different configurations.

Cool bandanas

A bandana allows you to style it your own way; there is no right or wrong way to have it. Today, we review 12 bandanas that will make you look cool and feel more confident in your style.

Cool Bandanas to Rock Your Style: Our Top 10 Recommendations

If you’re looking for an accessory that’ll make you stand out, then go for one of these cool bandanas.

1. Levi’s Multi-Purpose Cotton Bandana

Levi's Multi-Purpose Cotton Bandana
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The Multi-Purpose Bandana from Levi’s is a must-have for your wardrobe, able to be worn practically anywhere, any time. Moreover, its natural cotton fabric breathes well in the heat, while offering some extra cover in the cold.

Levi’s classic Paisley print adorns the Multi-Purpose Bandana, which comes in a wide array of colors. These include the ever-popular red, white and blue, as well as black, camo, pink turquoise, and green. You could rock a different color each day of the week, or pick your signature favorite to work with any outfit. Pick them up in packs of 2, 3, or 6 bandanas at wallet-friendly prices.

Wear this fully unisex accessory as a headband, necktie, or wrapped around the wrist. There’s no off-limits with this one. 

2. Army Universe Trainmen Bandanas

Army Universe Trainmen Cool Bandanas
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While not officially licensed by the US Army, Army Universe’s Trainmen bandana is nevertheless ready for action. It’s an outdoorsy piece of apparel suitable for rugged usage, thanks to its high-quality all-cotton construction. Cowboys, firemen, police officers, construction workers, athletes, and trainers can grab an Army Universe bandana for use any day and in any situation.

There are three sizes: 22 x 22″, 27 x 27″, and a massive 35 x 35″. You get a six-pack of Army Universe bandanas in black, red, navy blue, black, among other selected colors.

3. Diop Afrocentric Bandanas

Diop Afrocentric Bandanas

There is a sense of freshness that comes with an African-inspired fashion style. And the Diop bandana articulates this with a mix of bold prints, immensely creative colors and a touch of soft cotton. It is versatile while managing to avoid being generic.

The Diop brand was born out of the desire to find continental roots and be authentic in how one steps out. During a barbecue, the brand’s founder Mapate Diop, a native of New York City stepped out in an African-print shirt. Little did he know that this would inspire a clothing line that has continued to build a name in a highly competitive niche. We love it.

4. Kiriko Split Bandana

Kiriko Split Bandana

We recommend against loaning out your Kiriko Split bandana, as you’re unlikely to get it back! That’s because it dares to go against the grain of Paisley bandanas, offering something distinctive and different for a change. 

There are nine color and pattern combos to choose from, allowing you to stand out even further from the pack. And you can feel good about buying from Kiriko, as the fabric is ethically sourced from Japan and sewn in Portland, OR. In fact, this brand adheres to the Japanese philosophy of Mottainai, which seeks to reduce waste wherever possible. Available in 20 x 20″.

5. Fabricious Cotton Premium Multi-Purpose Bandana

Fabricious Cotton Premium Multi Purpose Cool Bandanas
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While the Fabricious bandana is stylistically flexible enough to avoid being pigeonholed as a nautical accessory, it does bear mention that the brand sponsors the Hong Kong rowing team. Whether you’re out on the water or not, though, you’ll find plenty of use for this smart bandana.

And no matter what you put it through, it’ll hold up to rigorous machine washing, even in hot water. Normally, you have to baby your bandanas a little bit due to low-quality stitching and lightweight material, but not the Fabricious. The wove the 100% cotton fabric in such a way to withstand incredible abuse and daily wear.

Coming in 22.5 x 22.5″, the Fabricious will fit most head sizes, and offers plenty of area for other uses.

6. Vanlinker Ice Silk Paisley Bandanas

VANLINKER Iced Silk Fabric Paisley Bandanas
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Vanlinker offers a different take on the classic Paisley pattern, with a tighter, neater monochromatic design. Additionally, they eschew cotton for a manmade alternative called iced silk, made from polyester. This fact alone might turn off organically minded folks, but iced silk does offer superior durability, breathability, and shape retention to its natural counterpart. It’s easy to wear and clean, lending itself to daily usage.

Available in 5 flexible colors, there’s a Vanlinker bandana to match virtually every outfit.

7. Beautiful Nomad Multi-purpose Bandanas

Beautiful Nomad Multi-purpose Cool Bandanas
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Beautiful Nomad produces a range of attractive, cool bandanas that live up to their branding. We award high praise to them for offering tons of unique patterns and colors that go well beyond the standard Paisley or camo prints. A single piece can perfectly blend four or more colors and three or more patterns.

Sewn from 100% cotton, you’ll feel as good wearing your Beautiful Nomad bandana as you look. Available in 22 x 22″.

8. Filson Smokey Bear Bandana

Filson Smokey Bear Bandana
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Filson is a giant in the realm of rugged activewear, and their limited edition Smokey Bear bandana is no exception. 

A tribute to the indomitable Forest Service, the Smokey Bear bandana will take you to the deepest woods, through the tallest mountains, and over any obstacle in your way. It’s warm when it needs to be, and breathable always. Made of high-quality 100% cotton and deep-dyed with water-based pigment, these colors won’t run even if you have to endure driving rain and snow (or, more realistically, throw it in the washing machine) on a daily basis.

9. URATOT Paisley Cool Bandanas

Uratot 16 piece bandana set
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Uratot is like many online brands in that it doesn’t really do anything new, it just offers more value for your buck than you’d expect. To wit, they offer packs of 16 different colored bandanas. Not sure what to wear today? Well, at least it isn’t your bandana holding you back! No matter what you end up wearing, you’ll always have the right color bandana to match.

Printed on both sides and made from durable polyester, Uratot bandanas will retain their good looks through rough wear. Available 22 x 22″.

10. Ali and Oli Tie and Die Bandana

Ali and Oli Tie and Die Cool Bandana
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Another retailer of colored bandana multipacks, Ali and Oli offer a hippy twist to the classic Paisley pattern with their psychedelic tie dyes. This time, you’re getting back to au naturale with 100% cotton construction, making this cool bandana comfortable for most situations. Overall, it’s a bit more playful than tough, but that depends on how you wear it as always. 

Cop the Ali and Oli bandana in sets of six, each measuring 23 x 23.5″

How to Wear a Bandana and Look Cool Everyday

Use it as a Headband

This is one of the most common styles and a favorite of many across both genders. You can use your bandana to put together your hair from the front backward or simply keep your ponytail in place, a style that many women around the world sport effortlessly.

  • Around the Neck

This technique is also referred to as a choker. It is an unmistakable style used by both ladies and gents to spice up their fashion. It works well in sprucing up your casual flair, giving you a bold and dapper look. For the gents, it’s more common to have one of the cool bandanas covering part of the chest.

  • From the Waist Down

Want to look like a rockstar? Stick that bandana along your waist, and let it flow with the length of your pants. You’ll keep all eyes on you, both on and off stage. Match it with your outfit, or don’t for a touch of defiance.

  • Around the Wrist

You’ve probably come across this style, and you immediately formed an idea about the wearer. It comes out as edgy, youthful, and classy. You can pick either a dark colored or brightly colored bandana for this style. Depending on the size of your bandana, you can coil it around a few times or make one knot, letting the rest cover a good part of the wrist.

  • As a Pocket Square

Fold your bandana into a square and place it in your coat pocket for a remarkable look. You can mix and match the colors to your preference.

  • As a Face Mask Cover

The world is learning what construction workers have known for a long time: Bandanas work as a face mask in a pinch. It’s no substitute for a proper respirator, but it’ll do especially if you’re mostly going to be outdoors anyway. Plus, it looks cooler than a surgical mask!


There are no rules to wearing bandanas. Even though they’re basically ubiquitous these days, they retain their edge from decades of use as a symbol of rebellion, solidarity, and individualism. It’s little wonder the market has grown to encapsulate so many styles to reflect the bandana’s broad stylistic coalition.

We’ve provided 10 solid options for cool bandanas you can wear anywhere, but they’re by no means the only models available. What are your favorite bandana patterns or materials? How do you rock your bandana? Sound off in a comment below.