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    7 Best Throwing Knives for the Money in 2023 (Buying Guide)
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7 Best Throwing Knives for the Money in 2023 (Buying Guide)

Throwing knives aren’t just a hobby; many consider the act of deftly chucking sharp shards of steel an art form. And the best throwing knives reflect that philosophy, with precision crafted steel and finely balanced blades. Read on to learn what the top models currently available are.

Best throwing knives

If you have watched the TV series “Into the Badlands,” you know that knife throwing is a thing. And while it could take you years of practice to get half as good as the lamest thrower on the show, it is a badass thing to fish out a knife from its sheath and hit a target.

Unless you’re fending off a group of deadly assassins sent by the Illuminati, you’ll want a good throwing knife for competitive sport or backyard knife throwing with friends. Either way, you will need the right tool for the job.

And that certainly isn’t your run-of-the-mill kitchen knife! The best throwing knives are precisely balanced, and machined in a way to stand up to repeated abuse. Read on as we give you the long and short of it.

The Best Throwing Knives You Can Buy Today

Like any hobby, the market for throwing knives is flooded. But we have done the heavy lifting for you. The following are reviews of the best 7 throwing knives you can buy today. Sit tight and read on.

1. Perfect Point PAK Throwing Knife Set

Perfect Point PAK Throwing Knife Set

If you are like most beginners, you might be intimidated by a heavy and long knife. The Perfect Point PAK knives are incredibly light and only measure 8.5 inches in length.

And they aren’t menacingly sharp either, so you can use them safely. But perhaps what is most attractive about them is that they come in a set of 12.

This means that you get 12 shots to hit your target. No walking back and forth after each throw and no headbanging after missing the target; you just throw another knife. At the end of the day, you will master knife throwing faster and with less fatigue.

The handle isn’t much, and the knives could be flimsy, but you wouldn’t ask for too much with knives that come quite cheaply. But don’t get it wrong, because they are made of stainless steel so they won’t rust. They’re also well balanced, which is perfect for no spin or half-spin throws.

2. SOG F041TN Throwing Knife

SOG F041TN Throwing Knife

This is another excellent knife that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. The F041TN comes in a set of 3 high-quality knives crafted from 420 hard-cased stainless steel. This means that these knives won’t rust and will sharpen easily to suit your needs.

While this knife is ideal for professional use, it isn’t elitist. It will accommodate the needs of the beginner as well as those of the seasoned athlete. And that’s not all; it is practical for everyday use.

You will quickly notice that it is a well-balanced full tang knife. Although it measures 10 inches long, it isn’t too heavy as to cause fatigue. And did we mention that it has a straight edge, which is great for a throwing knife?

While some people do not like the Paracord-wrapped handle, it offers a great grip. If you don’t like it, you could always remove it, so don’t make a fuss over it. You will also be getting a decent sheath to carry the knives around.

3. Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto

Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto


At 7 inches, The Cold Steel 80PGTK GI Tanto knife is long enough to be used a weapon and will easily handle common tasks around the camp.

People with some experience in knife throwing will find it excellent because it has a central balance. This means that whether you are a blade or a handle thrower, you will be right at home with this knife.

It’s made of 1055 carbon steel with an antirust finish and has a sharpened edge and point, allowing it to easily stick on target. Take care not to hit hard surfaces such as concrete, though, because the blade will chip.

Otherwise, this full-tang knife will take on almost any task. You could even convert it into a spear if the situation calls for that.

We will forgive you for being a little pissed off with the handle because the scales are not slip-resistant and won’t be great for sweaty hands. But this isn’t something we should fight over–especially if you dry your hands or wear a decent pair of work gloves.

4. Gil Hibben Cord Grip

Gil Hibben Cord Grip

If it’s a Hibben, it’s probably good! It’s true because Gil Hibben is one of the most notable names in knife making in America. 

The Cord Grip might not be as iconic as the Rambo knife, but it holds its own as a very affordable and quality knife.

It is crafted from 420 J2 stainless steel, renowned for its high corrosion resistance and good strength. This means that it is unlikely that your knife will break, and you won’t be bugged with regular maintenance protocols.

The knife is a little over 8 inches long and comes with a non-slip handle, which offers a perfect grip. It also comes with a nylon sheath. And did we mention that you get three knives in a set?

The Cord Grip may not be a good fit if you are chasing a gold medal at the Olympics, but it is a knife that will gladden the heart of a neophyte.

5. Cold Steel Pro Balance

Cold Steel Pro Balance

When Stephen King talked about “Talent being a dull knife,” he was probably referring to the Cold Steel Pro Balance. But any seasoned knife thrower will tell you that you don’t need a sharp knife to hit and sink into targets.

Measuring 13¼ inches in length, this is a hefty knife that means business. It is heavier than cheaper knives and has a smooth design that favors no-spin throwing.

The blade is made of 1055 carbon steel, which will take a lot of beating without breaking; don’t worry about rusting because it comes protected.

This is an extremely well-balanced knife allowing you to throw either from the blade or the handle. As you might expect, it might not be the best knife for a beginner, but no one will stop you if you insist.

You may want to buy several of these if you want to avoid annoying trips to the target after every throw, however.

6. United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Throwing Knife

United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai Throwing Knife

If you didn’t know what knife Jason Statham throws in the Expendables, it is the Kunai Throwing Knife. Sure, Hollywood will romanticize anything but the UC2772 is seriously good.

To start with, this knife comes with an iconic double-edged blade made of high quality anodized stainless steel. And it cuts like a double-edged sword!

You will be getting a set of three knives with this purchase, which will impress you with their quality and usability. Some folks think that this is too beautiful a knife to dirty up; but believe us, the Kunai will endure many throws and still shine.

At 12 inches, these knives are long and heavy, providing a delicate balance that is a recipe for success in knife throwing. You will be getting a cord wrapped handle, but the wrapping will come off with a little use.

But it is no skin off your back because you could wrap them in Paracord.

7. Avias Knife Supply Throwing Knife

Avias Knife Supply Throwing Knife

On a lucky day, you might land your hands on a knife that tears through the air like the peregrine falcon. Couple that with pointy edges, and you’ve got yourself a great throwing knife.

We are talking about the Avias Knife Supply.

Measuring 9 inches long, it isn’t a hefty knife. But if you have reasonably long hands, you can generate a tremendous amount of force to blast through your target. Its light weight might not be as ideal when hitting far-off targets, but it is what it is.

This comes as a set of three neat knives, by the way.

You will notice several holes in the handle to enhance aerodynamics and a shiny surface that is nothing less than stainless steel. With a low price point and a nylon sheath and belt loop to boot, you will find it hard to resist this knife set.

How to Choose the Best Throwing Knives

There are hundreds of knives on the market today being marketed as throwing knives, but only a few make the cut. So how do you choose the right one? The following are things to consider when choosing a throwing knife.

The Handle

The best throwing knives do not come with handles. And the reason is simple; you won’t get a good release if you are gripping on a surface that isn’t smooth or straight. The other thing with handles is that they don’t last on a throwing knife.

There are people who swear by rubber, especially Kraton, but you can’t be too sure. Of course, you could fit your own handle if you are an experienced thrower. A strip of linen or vulcanized cardboard could work well here.


Handle heavy, blade heavy or balanced what should you go for? These terms can be confusing to a novice, especially when used together with terminologies such as no spin and rotational throwing.

A balanced knife has a center of gravity in the middle. Neither the handle nor the blade is heavier than the other. This kind of knife is ideal for a beginner because it is easier to predict its trajectory when throwing. Again, it is ideal for rotational or no spin throwing.

As the name suggests, blade-heavy knives have a heavier blade than the handle and are ideally thrown from the handle. On the other hand, handle-heavy knives have a lighter blade and are great for no spin throwing.

Looking for more finely balanced weapons? Check out our list of Tactical Tomahawks

The Length and Weight

These are probably the most important considerations to make when choosing a throwing knife. For one, a knife that isn’t heavy enough will require more effort to throw accurately, which will quickly fatigue you.

In the same breath, longer knives are preferable to shorter ones because they give you better control when throwing far. You are also likely to get a better grip with a longer knife.

But is there something like the ideal length or weight of a throwing knife. It turns out there is. Experts recommend that for every 1 inch of length, you should have between 1 and 1.4 ounces of weight. Therefore a 10-inch long knife should weigh not less than 10 ounces.


If you aren’t careful, you will pick a knife that will break in just a few throws. Be warned that the sticker price isn’t necessarily a determinant of quality. To start with, go for a full tang knife. A half tang knife will break through the handle without warning.

Of course, the blade material matters. While stainless steel does not rust, carbon steel has an edge when it comes to throwing knives.

The reason is that carbon steel is more malleable than stainless steel. This means that if the blade bends, you can easily hammer it into position without breaking it.

Top Throwing Knives: Conclusion

Knife throwing is fun, but if you don’t have the right knife, it can easily become frustrating. It can also be an expensive sport if you keep breaking your knives.

You get what you pay for. Don’t forget that. You won’t be expecting high-grade steel from a cheap knife. But if you look hard enough, you might get a really good set of affordable knives. 

But don’t take our word for it; a throwing knife is a very personal thing. Unless you get your hands on it, you can’t really tell whether it’s right for you.

Did you take our recommendations for the best throwing knives? How have they performed for you? Leave us a comment below.