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Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel

Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel 1

Life in London can make you want to leave the big island altogether at times.  If you need an escape, there’s a new hotel built on an abandoned sea fort in the English Channel, the luxurious and historic Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel.  Spitbank Fort is one of three forts built off the Victorian Coast of Southampton and Portsmouth in the 1700s.  They were constructed to defend against naval attack from the French, namely the navy of Napoleon Bonaparte.  Recently, hotelier Mike Clare purchased and renovated the old fort into a luxury boutique hotel catering to those who could use a private escape from life’s business elsewhere.

The Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel features a collection of “Commodore Rooms”, well-appointed “Admiral Suites” and the “Crow’s Nest”, a top-level luxury suite designed for exclusive accommodation.  The hotel also offers guests the option to reserve the entire fort from sea line to smokestack, great for weddings or other group events– or a good bit of thinking space for yourself.  Overnight accommodations start at just over $750 USD after conversion, a price that features the “Fort Break at Sea” package with various included amenities.

Guests at the Spitbank Fort Sea Hotel are welcomed by ferry from the nearby Victorian coast.  This Solent fort is one of many historic forts that dot the English Channel and North Sea, and it’s encouraging to see a creative refurbishment of one of these historic gems.  We’ve covered other British sea forts in our popular feature on Abandoned Places: 10 creepy, beautiful modern ruins.  If you’re as excited by this kind of thing as we are, start setting aside some change for a once-in-a-lifetime experience like this.

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