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Wally Power – Wally 55 Yacht

Wally Power Wally 55 Yacht 2

Like the boats of Wally Power that came before it, the Wally 55 is a dashing mix of performance and luxury.  It stands on the line between speed boat and cruiser yacht, providing the muscle for fast travel and the accommodation for a handful of overnight guests below.  The Wally 55 yacht is powered by four engines that produce 435 horsepower, enough for a 40 knot cruising speed on the open water.  This boat is as much about the destination as it is the journey, as it features a large sun deck above and up to three cabins below.  It’s the ideal in-between for the contemporary captain, a ship built for speedy travel and luxury relaxation once you get there.

[We featured the Wally 55’s big brother, the pretty incredible Wally 118 Super Yacht on our list of Luxury Yachts: 10 Amazing Yachts of the Future.  Don’t miss it!]

Wally Power Wally 55 Yacht 1

Wally Power Wally 55 Yacht 4

Wally Power Wally 55 Yacht 5

Wally Power – Wally 55 Yacht | Gallery

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