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    Danish Design Danskrono Watch
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Danish Design Danskrono Watch


We’re suckers for contemporary watches here at TheCoolist.  Every once in a while, however, a simple traditionally-inspired timepiece will reach out and grab us by the wrist, and such is the case with the Danish Design Danskrono Watch.  This sleek, Scandinavian timepiece has a subtle strength to it, a watch with a luxurious bit of character and a well-defined sense of masculinity.  It’s not the flashy sports car that is screaming for attention, it’s the cool and confident vintage cruiser that always keeps on ticking.  Our friends at Watchismo sent us this Danish Design watch to explore and share in detail, and explore we did.


The Danish Design Danskrono Watch looks and feels like the vintage timepieces of the middle of the last century.  It’s modern in material and construction, but it has a sense of minimalism that was employed often by Scandinavian designers.  As described by Watchismo, the Danskrono Watch is “all you need and nothing you don’t.”


The materials of the Danish Design Danskrono Watch recalls the “make them like they used to” philosophy when watches were built to last.  Its basic elements are stainless steel, mineral crystal and genuine leather.  Its case is stainless on all sides, featuring three control knobs/buttons on the right.  Its display is shown under a mineral crystal shell, providing a clear view of the time that will stand up well to light scratching.  The band that binds it is made of genuine leather, competing a trinity of materials that should last for many, many years.


The design of the Danskrono watch is elegant and stylish.  It is right at home in everything from black tie to Sunday basic, the kind of watch that will fit for the office and date night alike.  This color neutral option will wear well with most outfits, meaning you can set this watch on your wrist and not ever have to think about clashing.  Its serious in styling, but certainly not stuffy.  It may not be a watch for a 20-year-old, but it communicates “cultivated class” for someone who has already had a promotion or two in their career.


The Danskrono Watch arrives in a case that is nice enough to hang on to for later storage.  The first opening of the Danish Design box is an event in itself, as the watch inside makes quite the introduction.  That’s part of the reason you’d be interested in a watch like this in the first place– to make a strong introduction.  It does that well, and it likely won’t last long in its case before you’re showing it off.


Despite the fact that this Danish Design watch has the old trinity of traditional watch making — stainless steel, mineral crystal and genuine leather — it’s surprisingly accessible in price.  Watchismo offers the Danish Design Danskoro Watch for $290 out the virtual door.  If you’re a bit like us, a modern guy with a traditional streak, it’s a great option for a watch that is built to list.  It may be a distant relative of the new contemporary pieces that we get most excited about, but a traditional watch like this has had a place in the modern man’s wardrobe for decades.  And you know what they say– if it ain’t broke…

[photography and text by Mike Payne for TheCoolist]

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