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Alen 68 Yacht has the Heart of a Sportboat

We love when architects get involved with yacht design — Zaha Hadid superyachts come to mind — and this new craft is no exception. The Alen 68 Yacht is a collaboration between Alen Yachts and Foster + Partners, designers of some of the most remarkable commercial and municipal buildings around the world.  Sure, this yacht may be smaller in form than the skyscrapers in Foster + Partners’ porfolio, but that doesn’t make this any less of a big deal.  It’s part cruising yacht, part sportboat, a hybrid of sorts that combines overnight travel amenities with the speed and fun of a dayboat.

The Alen 68 Yacht employs some pretty smart spacial analysis to make the most of its inner shell.  It provides about 20% more usable volume by breaking the mold of traditional yacht interior design.  Instead of building out an expected space with furniture, the Alen 68 maintains the shape of its outer shell and builds into its contours.  When compared to a traditional yacht with rooms around a hallway, the Alen 68 Yacht is an open office.

What sets the Alen 68 Yacht apart from most cruising yachts is its power.  It features a pair of V12 engines that produce 1550 horsepower, enough to push the Alen 68 to 45 knots on the open water.  That’s over 50 miles per hour, some pretty serious speed for a yacht.

In terms of availability and price, things are a bit too fresh to hammer down the details.  This is a serious craft, and it’ll come with a serious price tag.  In the mean time, we’ll enjoy drooling over the photos…

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