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    Andreia Chaves Footwear Concepts
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Andreia Chaves Footwear Concepts

Andreia Chaves Shoes and Footwear Concepts 1

The amazing footwear concepts of Andreia Chaves are at once artistic and mathematic.  While studying form, texture and visual effects in Florence, Italy, Chaves created a range of wildly geometric shoes from unconventional materials.  The “Invisible Shoe”, above, is an asymmetrically mirrored low-cut boot, reflecting its surroundings and making the color of the world a part of your wardrobe.  The rest of Andreia Chaves’ work is just as interesting, a collection of footwear concepts truly on the cutting edge of fashion.  We’re excited for future concepts from Ms. Chaves, as well as the prospect of seeing her current work take form in the fashion marketplace. [via yatzer]

Andreia Chaves Shoes and Footwear Concepts 2

Andreia Chaves Shoes and Footwear Concepts 3

Andreia Chaves Footwear Concept Gallery