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Antagonist Luxury Yacht by Art of Kinetik

The Antagonist luxury yacht by Art of Kinetik is 37-feet of design elegance, stamina and exquisite craftsmanship. While the rich mahogany accents and smooth leather seating show the other boats who’s the  boss on the water, a shiny black exterior and sharp lines give the Antagonist her elegant form. The open board cruiser is fit for eight people to live aboard and enjoy the sun, travel, rest and relaxation in high class style. Fine detailing and a modern aesthtic on the inside and out of the weekend cruiser makes the Antagonist any sea person’s dream.  Don’t miss another Art of Kinetic favorite of ours, the Hedonist Yacht by the same designers.  [via yatzer]

Antagonist Luxury Yacht by Art of Kinetik Gallery