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    Baglietto Fast, The 46m Luxury Yacht James Bond Would Ride
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Baglietto Fast, The 46m Luxury Yacht James Bond Would Ride

Have you always dreamed about exploring open waters and traveling atop the see with a fresh breeze blowing through your hair? There are a few different ways you can enjoy the seas, but water travel isn’t for everyone. Perhaps you prefer staying in luxury when you’re on holiday, just to treat yourself. Well, we’ve found an amazing solution for you!

Behold, Baglietto‘s Fast, a 46 meter luxury yacht that more than lives up to its name! True to form, it’s capable of traveling up to 28 knots. The yacht is powered by twin MTU 16V4000 engines, which is impressive even for a boat this size. The rush you’ll get from seeing a boat so large move so quickly and smoothly over the surface of the water is matched only by riding it yourself.

The yacht from an aerial view

Fast was designed in part by shipyard Baglietto, but they did it in conjunction with designer Francesco Paszkowski. The interior is a flawless combination of buttery, cream coloured fabrics and smooth, white side panels. In the main seating, you’ll find soft, spacious sofas that are perfect for entertaining. These contrast perfectly with rosewood flooring and darker wooden accents scattered throughout the rooms. The coffee and side tables, for example, are a chocolatey wood that creates a beautiful visual alongside the lighter colours.

BAGLIETTO Fast 46 M Luxury Yacht Seating area in the yacht Central room in the yacht Master bedorom on the yacht

On the exterior of the boat, you’ll find windows in a range of shapes. The trapezoidal appearance of some of them, contrasted with the shining hull of the yacht, making it appear shockingly modern in contrast with the classic style on the inside. The visual appeal of the yacht is only heightened by the sleek outer beauty as it slides smoothly and quickly across the top of the water.

In case you plan to stay the night on the yacht, it features a spacious, luxurious master bedroom rivaled only by the highest quality hotels on land. The king sized bed is spacious and soft, while the carpet underneath it might be even softer. The cream and wooden decor scheme follows you there as well, creating a clean aesthetic that will set your mind at ease.

The yacht docked at dusk The yacht lifted