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Experience the Astonishing Beauty of the South African Wilderness at The Bayethe Lodge

Have you always dreamed of exploring the South African wilderness, but you’re not sure camping in tents along a safari route is quite what you’re cut out for? Do you long to experience the green stretches of wildlife that South Africa has to offer, bonding with family and old or new friends as the animals naturally gather around the watering holes, but still have a safe and comfortable place to retire to at the end of the day so you can unwind? The place you’re looking for is the Bayethe Lodge on the Shamwari Game Reserve near Port Elizabeth!

Bayethe Lodge patio and pools

Open air bedroom at Bayethe Lodge

Luxury Tented Safari

Besides its unparalleled location, this lodge boasts some of the most stylish accommodations South Africa has to offer, providing you with a unique combination of authentically rustic safari experience with lavish holiday pampering. If you thought that the new North American “glamping” trend was impressive, than you’re in for a real treat here!

Baytehe Lodge patio entrance and seating

Open air bedroom with jacuzzi

Even when you’re back at your lodges and done exploring the reserve for the day, you can still enjoy the outdoors. Consider reading a good book out on the deck that overlooks the watering hole, or relaxing by the pool in the back patio. Perhaps you’ve even booked yourself a room that has its own Jacuzzi in the floor just a few steps from the foot of the bed?

Main living room at Bayethe Lodge

Room with thatched roof ceilin and tent walls

When it comes to which type of bedroom you’d prefer, we actually can’t decide which options is more tempting; the open air suite where the fresh breeze can flow around you as you sleep, or the thatched roof tent that will give you a perpetual safari experience while you’re there. Either way, you’ll enjoy top notch furnishing and beds that you’ll scarcely want to leave except to adventure each day.

Master bathroom with earthen tub

Wooden deck overlooking water at Bayethe Lodge

If you came with friends or you’re looking to socialize while you’re there, visit one of the sprawling, beautifully decorated common areas to meet other lodgers. Everyone could use an extra friend or two on a South African safari!

Master bedroom suite with bright windows

Do you want to learn more about the Bayethe Lodge or looking into staying there yourself? Check out the Shamwari Game Reserve website for more details!