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    Keep Your Pants On – The 15 Best Belts for Men
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Keep Your Pants On – The 15 Best Belts for Men

If there was ever an underrated male fashion accessory, then it would be the belt. However, times are changing fast and what was okay last month may not cut it anymore. Are you ready to up your belt game? We’ve got a selection of the best men’s belts to hold up your pants no matter what the occasion. 

Best Belts for Men

Why It’s Important to Find the Right Belt

Modern men don’t just wear belts because of their functional value.No, they understand that the truly modern man needs to hoist their pants in style.

The best belts for men are vital accessories that can play a significant role in complementing your overall look. They offer a subtle yet powerful means to express your sense of style.

Unfortunately, finding quality men’s belts is easier said than done. If you’re having trouble choosing the ideal product from the jungles of belts in the market, this is the article for you is for you.

We’ve done the research on your behalf to round up 10 high-quality men’s belts. The products on our list vary in price point, style, materials, and more.

15 Best Belts for Men to Add to Your Wardrobe

Finding functional, fashionable, durable, and budget-friendly belts can be challenging. Even if you compromise style over function you may still need to do serious detective work to find a reliable accessory.

Fortunately, we did all the legwork for you. From canvas to leather, we’ve found the 15 best belts for men.

1. Red Wing Heritage Unisex Leather Belt

Red Wing Heritage Unisex Leather Belt
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If you are looking for a no-nonsense leather belt, the Red Wing Heritage Leather Belt is a sure bet. It’s a full grain leather belt featuring a single prong brass buckle for that clean casual look.

Apart from being tough and well-tanned, this belt will gain an alluring vintage appearance with time. Its width is a comfortable 1.5 inches, meaning it is a versatile option as a formal and casual belt.

2. Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt for Men

Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt for Men
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If you are looking for a leather belt, the Bulliant Slide Ratchet Belt For Men is one of the best belts you can consider.

A genuine leather belt, it is available in a staggering 38 different colors, making it easy to find a belt that matches the rest of your outfit. Furthermore, this product features an autogrip buckle saving you from the trouble of drilling your belt to get the perfect fit.

At a comfortable 1.37 inches wide it will easily fit through any belt loops.

3. Levi’s Men’s Double Prong Casual Belt

Levi's Men's Double Prong Casual Belt
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The Levi’s Men’s Double Prong Casual Belt is another superb option for anyone looking for the best leather belts.

This belt boasts split leather, meaning it’s more flexible than a full grain leather belt, and it also offers unmatched levels of abrasion resistance.

With a 1.57-inch belt width, it fits perfectly through the belt loops of causal and formal wear.

4. GRIP6 Web Belts for Men

GRIP6 Web Belts for Men
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With its excellent aesthetics and robust canvas and nylon construction, the GRIP6 is a cool belt indeed. In addition, it is one of the rare belts on the market that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Another great feature here is the friction lock buckle that keeps your pants in place throughout the day.  

It comes in a range of buckle and straps colors giving you the freedom to find a combination that suits your fancy.

5. Drizzte Double D Ring Men’s Belt

Drizzte Double D Ring Men's Belt
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The Drizzte Double D Ring Mens Belt is a quality belt for the larger man. It comes in sizes ranging from 39 inches to 75 inches.

This is a durable men’s belt made from quality canvas. It features a solid buckle design with a double-D ring closure for easy adjustments and a comfortable fit. If you are looking for a new belt made from, quality materials, then this is one of the best belts for you.

6. Klik Belts Tactical Belt

Klik Belts Tactical Belt
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Do you need an affordable belt that can stand up to strenuous wear and tear? The Klik Belts Tactical Belt boasts a sturdy nylon strap that can take a beating.

The anodized aluminum quick-release buckle is another nice touch. It’s strong, rust-resistant, and detaches easily for added convenience. Moreover, this belt is available in 4 colors and a range of sizes to make choosing the ideal accessory a breeze. 

7. Bullko Men’s Casual Dress Belt

Bullko Men's Casual Dress Belt
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Perhaps you are more inclined to invest in a classic belt. The Bullko Men’s Casual Genuine Leather Belt boasts the perfect blend of simple design and vintage aesthetics.

A full grain leather belt, it offers a comfortable fit thanks to its 1.5-inch width. This means you can wear it with casual outfits free of waist pinching. It features six belt holes with 1-inch spacing giving you plenty of wiggle room for those cheat days.

8. Men’s Holeless Leather Ratchet Click Belt

Men's Holeless Leather Ratchet Click Belt
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Nothing makes a better belt than cowhide. This genuine leather belt is scratch-resistant and durable. While not full grain leather, this belt boasts a timeless design and 35 different colors, it is one of the best casual belts that works with any outfit.

As the name suggests, this belt lacks a belt hole and rather uses an interchangeable alloy ratchet buckle. The track system on the backside of the belt, ensures you get a snug and comfortable fit.

9. Dickies Double Prong Belt

Dickies Double Prong Belt
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A genuine leather belt with a double prong metal buckle. Does that sound like what you’re looking for? Then this offering from Dickies is what you need. One of the best belts for casual wear.

Available in various colors and sizes, you could even get one for more formal occasions. If you also factor in the comfortable 1.5-inch belt width, you can understand why we feel this belt gives a timeless look that will never go out of style.

10. HOLMANSE Italian Leather Casual Belt

HOLMANSE Italian Leather Casual Belt
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If you want a classic belt with a little more flair, then this belt from Holmanse is your boy!

This full grain leather belt is beautifully stitched for that extra level of detail. Finished with a square buckle made from zinc alloy, it is a great belt made in a classic style.

Available in three color options, you might want to treat yourself to two belts so that you have a belt for all occasions.

11. Nocona Belt Co. Men’s Tan Tribal Bead

Nocona Belt Co. Men's Tan Tribal Bead
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Sometimes, you just want a belt that stands out. Why not ditch the simple square buckle design for something that screams personality?

Try on Nocona’s genuine leather belt with a touch of the old-west thrown in for good measure. The beautiful inlay bead design makes this one of the best belts on the market.

One of the great casual belts for men you will be turning heads for all the right seasons with this 1.5-inch wide belt.

12. Yoder Leather Hand Crafted Western Leather Tool Belt

Yoder Leather Hand Crafted Western Leather Tool Belt
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Another genuine leather belt, handcrafted by Amish craftsmen Yoder Leather. A simple yet effective stitching pattern frames this leather belt, making it a great option for smart casual affairs.

Five belt holes with a 1-inch spacing give this belt a great range and a comfortable fit.

If you want to give your outfit a smooth western look, then this classy design is the choice for you. You can even swap out the supplied buckle for one of your own choosing.

13. The Bootlegger Leather Belt

The Bootlegger Leather Belt
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This fantastic full grain leather belt is built to last. Made in the USA, The Bootlegger belt comes with a money-back guarantee.

Available in both gray and black, the Bootlegger is one of those belts that get better with time. Wearing in like your favorite pair of jeans.

Easily one of the ideal belts for men who want to go for that classic look. Made from high quality materials, the company themselves boast that it is so comfortable, it will become your got to belt for everyday use.

14. Chaoren Leather Ratchet Slide Belt

Chaoren Leather Ratchet Slide Belt
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What’s better than a belt? Two belts, exactly. When you buy this belt set from Chaoren, you are getting two great belts for men for just one price.

Both belts are made from 100% leather. They come in black and brown, they are the best belt options for any formal occasion.

The handy, easy-to-use click-and-lock buckle gives you extra freedom to adjust your fit. At the same time, they are reportedly good for 10,000 fastenings.

15. PUMA Golf 2019 Men’s Reversible Web Belt

PUMA Golf 2019 Men's Reversible Web Belt
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When it comes to casual use belts, reversible designs are a godsend. This offering from PUMA takes the prize as being one of the premier belts for men. Not only because of its hand reversible design but also because it comes complete with an attached bottle opener.

The webbing is made from the highest quality material and is a robust option for use during a huge range of outdoor adventures.

Upgrade Your Classic Belts with a Classy Buckle

Whether are interested a leather belt or a canvas one, it is easy to upgrade your style with a detachable buckle.

Not all belt designs offer an interchangeable buckle, but many do. This opens up your belt-wearing options exponentially.

The great thing about a belt buckle is that you can go as big or as small as you would like. This allows you to express your personal style to a greater degree. Traditionally, the belt buckle was a purely functional device. There to secure the belt and help it do its job.

However, these days you can buy buckles for any occasion, and all shapes and sizes. This is handly for it allows you to get extended use out of a single belt. Simple switch out your buckle and the same belt will work for jeans as well as with formal trousers.

Best Belts for Men: A Complete Buying Guide

Real Men Appreciate the Power of a Belt

If you happen to be like most men, you’ll probably not invest in as many belts as T-shirts or pants. Generally, it’s not every day that men go out shopping for belts. Therefore, it is imperative to choose an ideal product that may just turn out to be your favorite everyday wear accessory.

Here are a few tips to help you make an informed purchase:


What’s your waist size?

This is the first question you must ask yourself before investing in a belt. Ideally, a belt should not be your exact waist size. Then again, it should not be too long.

If you want to get that impeccable fit, choose a belt whose length is your waist size plus an extra 2 inches. The additional length will ensure you don’t get a tight fit once you take the pants’ fabric into account.


The width of your belt will play a significant role in cementing your overall look. If you want to wear a formal outfit, you may want to stick to thin, narrow belts with a maximum width of 1.5 inches. Wider straps that are thicker than 1.5 inches tend to pair better with casual outfits.


If you want to invest in nice belts for men, the buckle type is another essential factor to consider. Some of the buckle options you can find include:

  • Roller buckle
  • Military/grip buckle
  • Single pin buckle 
  • Autogrip buckle
  • Double pin buckle

When wearing something formal, you want to achieve a sleek and simple look. This means your best buckle options are single pin and autogrip buckles. All the other buckle varieties are better suited for a casual look.


You can find mens belts in a whole array of materials. Some of the top materials used to make modern belts include:


From casual to formal wear, there is nothing that can touch a leather belt. The material comes in various grades that may dictate the cost of that belt you fancy.

Contrary to popular belief, top-tier mens belts are not always made of genuine leather. Such material is more vulnerable to damage and can only remain in a pristine state for a maximum of two years.

On the other hand, full-grain or top-grain leather belts offer enhanced longevity. Better still, they develop an eye-catching patina with ongoing use.

Natural Fibers

Natural fibers offer an eco-friendly means of producing top-quality yet affordable belts. Cotton belts in specific can take everyday abuse for years without showing a single sign of wear.

Man-Made Fibers

Artificial fibers like polyester and ballistic nylon make virtually indestructible mens belts. Like natural fiber straps, belts made from synthetic fibers can give your overall look a casual vibe.


If you invest in high-end leather belts, it is recommended to use a special cleaner to remove dirt and grime from the surface.

You must also use leather polish to revive the good looks of your belt when it begins adopting a tired appearance.

Compared to leather belts, belts made from natural or artificial fibers are easier to maintain. Most models can be machine washed, although they often require air drying. Just ensure you read the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the fibers.

Even old poor quality belts can be revived with a little TLC.


Hands down, it’s hard to go wrong with a classic brown belt. Like black belts, the brown varieties pair well with just about any outfit color.

A few renowned brands even have reversible models that are brown on one side and black on the other. Generally, it’s always safe to wear a belt whose color matches your shoes.

Final Thoughts on Choosing the Best Belts for Men

Choosing a belt is a very personal decision. You must consider your style, preferences, budget, and even the look you want to achieve. Our list of the 10 best belts for men contains a range of products suitable for different consumers.

You can find something classic to pair with your formal outfit or even designs that stand out and pair well with jeans or khaki shorts.

Be sure to screen through our buyer’s guide before making your purchase. Once you find that perfect belt, let us know your experience in the comment section below.