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The 10 Best Climbing Chalk Bag & Bucket Options of 2023

Whether you’re conquering a cliff face out in the backcountry or attacking the wall at your local climbing center, you will want to have a chalk bag you can rely on. Today, we cover 10 outstanding chalk bags rated for style, durability, storage, anti-spillage, price, and more.

Best Chalk Bags

Today, we help you decide what is the best chalk bucket brands on the market today.

Keep reading at the end because we’ve put together a handy buyers guide for you, to help your next chalk bucket purchase a good one, to have you climbing up to the highest heights as quick as a flash.

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Below, we cover the following rock climbing chalk bags and buckets:

  1. DMM Edge Boulder Chalk Bag
  2. PrAna Women’s Chalk Bag With Belt
  3. 8BPlus Chalk Bag
  4. Mammut Ophir Chalk Bucket
  5. Evolv Andes Chalk Bucket
  6. Metolius Dust Bin Bag
  7. Psychi Chalk Bouldering Bucket
  8. Sukoa Chalk Bag for Rock Climbing
  9. Black Diamond Mojo Zip Rock Climbing Chalk Bag
  10. MoKo Chalk Bag

Top 10 Chalk Bags and Buckets for Bouldering and Climbing

The search for the best climbing chalk bags ends here! Each brand below offers solid styling, good durability, and fair deals on quality equipment.

1. DMM Edge Boulder Chalk Bag

Great Chalk Bag DMM Chalk Bag
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The DMM Edge Boulder Chalk Bag is a spacious chalk bucket with additional pockets to store your valuables. It features a dual drawstring closure system as well as a velcro pocket that hinders unnecessary spillages. 

The bucket itself is large enough to hold more than 4 blocks of chalk along with four brush holders. However, please be aware that the loops do not hold brushes of all sizes.

It’s available in three shades of blue, red, and black.

2. PrAna Women’s Chalk Bag With Belt

Top Chalk Bag - prAna Chalk Bucket for Women
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The prAna women’s chalk bag has a comfy fleece-lined interior designed for smaller, feminine hands. Its double belt loops help stabilize the bag while climbing. Gearing up with this bag is simple due to its adjustable drawback closure and a buckle that allows for speedy coupling and release.

The bag features a double drawback that prevents chalk spilling out, plus an elasticized brush holder making it compatible with brushes of various sizes. It is also available in a range of fabulously funky colors meaning you can look stylish as you ascend. 

3. 8BPlus Chalk Bag

8BPlus Chalk Bag
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8BPLUS has a way of coming up with out-of-the-box concepts when it comes to climbing gear.

This bag has a wide mouth with reinforced edging that offers maximum access to your chalk with minimal spillage. The brush holders can be found on the left and right flanks.

Each design has a distinctive name such as Charlie, Kiki, Donald, or Felix. These names also appear on the bags themselves. The quirky exterior is a great way for climbers to show off their characters and proves that functionality doesn’t have to be sacrificed in the name of aesthetics. 

This is a lightweight bag that weighs 4.4 oz. It has an adjustable strap and a carabiner making it easy to attach while the drawstring closure secures your chalk and keeps it dry when not in use.

4. Mammut Ophir Chalk Bucket

Top Chalk Bag - Mammut Ophir Chalk Bucket
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Mammut is one of the cornerstone climbing brands. Their Ophir chalk bucket guarantees zero leaks, as well as a a dust-proof closure.

The bucket itself has a dense fleece lining to guarantee maximum comfort at any stage of your climb.

We really like the orange and charcoal color scheme, but there are three other shades available–each of which offers solid unisex appeal.

5. Evolv Andes Chalk Bucket

Evolv Andes Chalk Bucket is a Great Chalk Bag
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Evolv is a well-respected brand in the world of climbing accessories and clothing. And their Andes chalk bucket is a prime example of why.

Their no-nonsense chalk bags click into place quickly and efficiently, making it easy to carry your chalk up the ascent. There aren’t any other storage pockets besides the main compartment, but many climbers prefer this type of minimalism.

The bag is available in a range of interesting and colorful designs that promise to make you stand out as a one of a kind.

6. Metolius Dust Bin Bag

Best Chalk Bucket - Metolius Dust Bin
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Metolius delivers a classic bag with a wide mouth for convenient access.

And there’s yet more space in the pockets. Try out the stretch back pocket and you’ll be impressed by the sheer space it has to offer. All the tools you’ll require for your climbing excursion will fit into this bag.

At 6 0z. this lightweight chalk bag packs a punch well above its weight class. It is also available in five stellar colors of blue, green, red, blue, and teal.

The bag has multiple brush-holding hooks that are elastic and handles that are easy to clutch for a solid grip. While most chalk bags come with 2-4 hooks to hold your brushes, Metolius has a whole 8 of them.

7. Psychi Chalk Bouldering Bucket

Best Chalk Bag - Psychi Chalk Bucket
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The Pyschi Chalk Bucket has a square base with four inwardly tapered sides. This design offers maximum stability and storage space for your chalk.

It boasts a good-sized front pocket for your tape, brushes, and other climbing essentials along with a zippered pocket in the rear for other items. The toggle-based fastening system is easy to use and secure. While the fleece lining keeps your chalk dry. 

This particular chalk bucket comes in a range of ultra-vibrant colors including red, blue, and yellow. If you are not afraid to be bold, then Pyschi could be the brand for you.

8. Sukoa Chalk Bag for Rock Climbing

Best Chalk Bucket - Sukoa Chalk Bag
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The Sukoa bag is made from high-quality water-resistant material to keep your chalk dry throughout your expedition. It’s easy to use as you can effortlessly gear up with a quick clip belt.

Two large zippered pockets provide ample space to store your valuables. The sizeable capacity of the chalk area in the bag can accommodate even the largest hands. While an adjustable drawstring tightly closes the bag preventing any spillages. 

9. Black Diamond Mojo Zip Rock Climbing Chalk Bag

Top Chalk Bucket - Black Diamond Mojo Chalk Bag
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A sturdy chalk bag that comes in a cool cylindrical design. Black Diamond’s Mojo Zip Climbing Chalk Bag is made with highly durable abrasion-proof material.

The fleece-lined interior is comfortable on the hands while there is also a brush holder that ensures you have everything you need from a chalk bag.

On top of being practical, Black Diamond’s call bags are very reasonably priced making it a double win for whoever chooses this bucket.

10. MoKo Chalk Bag

Best Chalk Bag - MoKo Chalk Bucket
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MoKo makes a top-notch bag whose material is abrasion-resistant and water-resistant. The interior is soft to the touch and the zippered pockets provide secure storage space for your valuables.

The bag has an adjustable belt that allows easy attachment for any climb. While the drawstring closing design stops loose chalk from being spilled.

The MoKo chalk bucket is an enjoyable companion for all your outdoor climbing activities.

Get a Grip Before Buying Your Next Chalk Bag

The market is awash with climbing gear that makes it difficult to shop around effectively. There are several quality brands capable of kitting you out for your next trip to the mountains or climbing gym.

Keep these categories of key features in mind when you shop for a good chalk bag.


Make a checklist capturing your minimum technical requirements for your idea chalk bags.

The core things to consider include whether the bucket has a separate pocket for storing your valuables or a brush holder. It’s also important to confirm if it’s sizeable enough to accommodate your hand size.


Once you’ve set your eyes on a chalk bag based on its functionality, you’ll then consider style. Find if it’s designed in a manner that captures your taste and personality. Just like with your clothing choices, the market affords you the chance to tailor your bags to match your own style.  

You might want a more classic bag made of plain nylon, or something more funky made of recycled cutting scraps. It’s up to you to define your look.


As is the case with almost all climbing equipment and accessories, the price tag on a chalk bag will most likely influence your final shopping decision. While some climbing brands charge a pretty penny for their chalk bags out there, it’s surprisingly easy to find great deals on durable, stylish chalk bags.


Ensure the chalk bag is leak-proof and made from strong materials of high quality. Sports gear that’s of high quality makes climbing enjoyable and also saves you money in the long run as you won’t be replacing them every couple of months. 

More importantly, rock climbing gear bears a higher burden of responsibility for your safety–and bags are no exception. It’s fine to pick something on the cheaper end of the spectrum as long as it’s well-reviewed and made by a quality company; but choosing crappy gear just to save a buck risks injury or even death.


Other people’s thoughts and feelings about the rock climbing bags on your shopping list give you some expert advice and fantastic insight. Search out different reviews to see what people are saying.

Use them to gauge the quality of the chalk bags you’re considering. High satisfaction scores would be indicative of a high-quality product that’s convenient to use. Go for a product with impressive satisfaction scores but within your budget.

Best Chalk Buckets for Bouldering: Conclusion

With all these numerous options, you need to consider the functionality, budget, quality, reviews along with your personal style while shopping around for chalk bags. But fortunately, your options are plentiful, and modern manufacturing offers a good quality at ever-lower prices. We’ve covered some of the best chalk bag brands, but doubtless there are others that will serve you well.

What are your main priorities for chalk buckets for bouldering? Can you think of other must-have climbing accessories we should review? Sound off in a comment below!