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    Clothing Optional: The 13 Best Underwear Brands for Men
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Clothing Optional: The 13 Best Underwear Brands for Men

It’s time to stop wrapping your junk in junk!  Instead, let’s get you acquainted with the best men’s underwear brands on the market. 

Mens Underwear Brands

There’s no reason to wear bad underwear. Ever.

They’re called your family jewels for a reason. It is your obligation to ensure you entrust the day-to-day care of your nether regions to the best possible underwear you can find. We’re not just talking about designer underwear, but just good-quality men’s boxer briefs that you can grab from your underwear drawer and don without fear. 

We’ve put together a must-wear list of the 13 best overall men’s underwear brands on the market today.

13 Best Men’s Underwear Brands to Make You Feel Lucky

It’s not that difficult to spend $50 once a year, or even once every couple of years and stock up on some soft, comfortable, smooth, economical, ecologically sound boxer briefs to keep your jewels on lock. All too often we cut corners when buying boxer briefs or other items of men’s underwear. Yet, in many ways, it should be the foundation item for any outfit.

That’s not to say your choice of underwear will be revealed on a regular basis and your choice scrutinized, but rather because comfort begins at the roots, and you know that means some high performance underwear.

1. CDLP Underwear

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Not your standard underwear. CDLP is trying to disrupt the market with the most comfortable, perfectly hugging underwear that is both reassuring and supportive.

Premium materials, low-key aesthetics, and classic underwear that men will actually want to wear are what their collection is all about. 

The Swedish sustainable men’s underwear brand is winning guys worldwide with its collection of wardrobe essentials featuring Lyocell.

It’s an eco-friendly fabric well-known for its silk-smoothness, unmatched breathability, wrinkle resistance, and moisture-wicking and quick-drying capabilities. Dressing up and looking sharp without trying even while loafing? It’s not the kind of asic you can find in many underwear brands, but alas!

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2. Calvin Klein


Calvin Klein’s underwear has become the top-shelf standard for the average buyer. CK has managed to make a recognizable brand that is equally good for puttering around, working out, or feeling frisky with your partner(s). You’ll pay for the name, but if labeling is important to you, as is quality goods with a bit of sex appeal, you really can’t find a better overall choice.

3. Hanes


Hanes may be a standard big box store choice that many feel they’ve outgrown, but take another gander. Hanes has managed to create the ubiquitous clothing for work, play, indoors, outdoors, with days out and nights in considered. Among common “Fruit of the Loom” level manufacturers, Hanes stands out as a brand that aims high but also reaches low.

4. ExOfficio

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Jade-infused wicking nylon allows ExOfficio’s boxer briefs to stay right at your body temperature, making them feel less invasive. They maintain this level of equilibrium by moving wetness naturally to stop odors and help keep your bits and bobs drier. Mobility without bunching makes them solid for normal movement, but athletes will find the stylish brand is more about looks than leaving it all out on the field.

5. Polo Ralph Lauren Knit Boxer


The problem with most of Ralph’s kit is the cost. It’s all good, but it isn’t nearly as good as the tag seems to think it is. Except for the line of knit boxers. Though boxer men are dying by the score to make room for all the boxer-brief boys, guys who still like the space and flow of a classic should get nothing else. Let the sweet breeze and supple feel sweep you away.

6. LuluLemon


The (in)famous yoga pants designer has begun stepping away from ladies workout wear to give guys something to put their legs through. Built to act like compression shorts without the same intense level of gripping, the increased bloodflow aids activities, but also keeps a comfortable temperature. They never scratch, abrade, annoy, or irritate, even after a serious hot yoga routine.

7. Jockey Seamfree


Jockey is a fine name, though they don’t tend to strike sparks the way other, more legendary brands do. What they do have is the “seamfree” line that has a greater “second skin” feel than anything else around. The look is also stellar if you’re yoked out, as these hug every sweet curve you’re carrying around.

8. 2XIST

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Ultra stylish in the “black on black” way, 2XIST goes out of its way to be the “bro brand” that appeals to the finance climber that calls every waiter “Big Guy.” Don’t hold that against it. 2XIST makes exceptionally soft and smooth items that do have a special Wall Street feel which is welcome, so long as you aren’t an insufferable knob with too much product in your mane. Better, they have form shaping garments to help you look trimmer. When disrobing, women appreciate the effort and solidarity.

9. Emporio Armani


The elite lifestyle brand with its silk and satin choices – to say nothing of the many European cuts – is the costly choice for men who expect to be taking off their pants later. You can choose Armani as your daily driver, but it’s a huge waste of money as truthfull you can get better cotton comfort for cheaper.

However, when dressing to impress when you’re wearing next to nothing, having Armani underwear in your corner pays dividends.

10. Under Armour


The brand that seems to think it invented activewear, UA’s trunks are made with action in mind, as with most of their stuff. Mobility without limits and without causing the slightest bind during an Ironman are what the UA brand is all about.

If you’re not a ride or die type of man, you will find that some of their boxers and more tame offerings are actually quite wearable. They bring the same sense of resiliency and livable breathing to the lazy man who still wants a nice pouch for his package.

11. MeUndies


Though the special delivery service isn’t as novel as it once was, MeUndies does still churn out some soft, interesting, attractive underpants. Best suited to date night, MeUndies tend to be driven by aesthetics and touchability, rather than sustainable comfort. Put these on for 8 hours in an office chair, and the smooth build will start to feel a little less than what you need.

12. Saxx


The kangaroo pouch at the center is built in a hammock style. That doesn’t mean anything until you slip these on and realize the magic. By creating a secure hammock, all of your parts are contained, yet pleasantly spread apart rather than crammed together. The extended legs that Saxx specializes in grips for movement, so the legs never ride up into the tainted lands betwixt your thighs.

13. Tommy John


The famed “Second Skin” trunks are what really put Tommy John on the map when it comes to undergarments. The cradling that these do when you put them on offers a touch of support while the rest fades away in your mind. Literally one of the few pieces you’ll find yourself checking to make sure are on your body, these work for casual and active wear.


If you’re still reading this far down, good on you! You’re now a men’s underwear expert–whether you like it or not. You can appreciate that there’s more to underwear than grabbing the nearest pair of boxer briefs or cotton spandex fabric shorts and making do. 

Your choice of underwear says a lot about your style, and how much you care for your body. It doesn’t matter if you used to wear simple cotton boxer shorts or only the most stylish underwear you saw on the supermarket shelf. What does matter is that going forward you are more aware of why you should invest in better quality and reliable boxer briefs. 

What’s your favorite recommendation for good underwear brands for men? Just dying to share your portfolio from your underwear modeling days? Well, that’s what the comments are for brother!