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    Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear (Reviewed for 2023)
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Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear (Reviewed for 2023)

There’s a level of comfort that only a good pair of undies can provide. Are you looking for the most comfortable men’s underwear? End the epic search today by having a pick from our top 10 list.

Most Comfortable Mens Underwear Reviewed

In any man’s closet, not so many things are half as important as comfortable undies. If you’ve ever gone through the worst day of your life by wearing tight, unbreathable, or outrightly unattractive underpants, this review is for you.

We turned the market upside down to find comfortable men’s underwear for daily wear. 

The right men’s underwear must provide proper support for your essentials whether you are wearing a suit or a pair of jeans. It should also feel comfortable against your skin and around your waistline.

Most importantly, good underpants must have an attractive style that boosts your confidence. This is irrespective of whether you are planning for a date or not. We gathered 10 of the best pieces that match different lifestyles and budgets. 

Find our in-depth reviews below, or jump straight to your favorite men’s underwear brand:

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10 Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear To Buy

Good undies can do more than merely make you look sexually appealing to your partner. Apart from boosting your confidence, they can also keep you comfortable by providing proper support.

If you are looking for the best men’s underwear, here are 10 of the best picks in the current market.

1. Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs for Men

Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs for Men
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It’s hard to talk about the best underwear for men without mentioning Calvin Klein. This is a celebrated underwear manufacturer whose products boast soft fabrics, flexible waistbands, and a functional fly.

Another great feature of undies from the brand is the contoured pouch that provides excellent support. 

Models like the Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Stretch Boxer Brief are perfect for daily wear, thanks to their low-maintenance material. While boxer briefs from the brand tend to have a steep price tag, they are a worthy purchase.

This model, in particular, offers excellent value because it comes in a multipack. For the price, you get 3 boxer briefs of different colors, including black, gray, cobalt water, white, or navy.

2. Polo Ralph Lauren Boxer Briefs

Polo Ralph Lauren Boxer Briefs Cotton Underwear
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If you are looking for the most comfortable cotton underwear for men, another great option you have is the Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Classic Fit multipack. Like Calvin Klein, Polo Ralph Lauren is yet another industry leader in producing the best briefs for men. 

With this pack, you get 3 cotton boxer briefs with the signature Polo Ralph Lauren waistband. The boxers are available in a whole host of colors, allowing you to choose from hues you can maintain with ease. According to users, the undies tick all the right boxes from their fit to their comfort.

3. Hanes Ultimate Tagless Boxer Shorts

Hanes Ultimate Tagless Boxer Shorts
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Men’s boxers with thin fabric are breezy and super comfortable, especially during the hot weather. The Hanes Ultimate men’s Tagless Boxer Shorts score some serious bragging points thanks to their soft fabric with decent thickness.

If you’re looking for light, cool, and breathable men’s underwear, this is an option we highly recommend.

This product is built for comfort with a flex waistband that shifts in rhythm with your body movements. If you “hate” those boxer shorts that squeeze your waist and leave an imprint pattern on your skin, this option will not disappoint you.

You are also bound to love the panel rear that saves you from the discomfort of the boxer seam creeping up your crack.

4. Calvin Klein Classics Men’s Briefs

Calvin Klein Classics Briefs
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Did we mention that Calvin Klein is a staple in the modern man’s wardrobe? Well, you cannot go wrong with the brand when searching for the good old briefs. The Calvin Klein Men’s Cotton Classics Briefs are as comfortable as any men’s underwear can get. These are cotton underpants with a soft and breathable fabric.

Another feature praised by users is the updated elastic waistband with the iconic Calvin Klein logo. It offers enhanced comfort and a large opening for added convenience when squatting.

You get 4 comfortable briefs of assorted colors in one pack, including Black, White, Grey Heather, and blue. The top-quality construction of the undies ensures they provide many great years of service.

5. Tommy John Men’s Pouch Underwear

Tommy John Men's Pouch Underwear
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First, the Tommy John Men’s Underwear looks good! Second, it’s incredibly comfortable, mainly because of its clever design and top-quality fabric.

The men’s trunk underwear boasts a 360 stretch fabric made from 10% spandex and 90% micro modal for that tremendously comfortable feel. We also love the wide and nice waistband and quick draw fly for easy access to your essentials.

One of the worst problems men face stems from the pouch design of the designs of most boxers. An improper pouch design can keep your boys riding up, pinching, or bunching.

Fortunately, this model features a perfect contour pouch to keep everything in place as you run your errands. No more need for awkward adjustments!

6. Shinesty Men’s Pouch Boxer Briefs

Shinesty Men's Pouch Boxer Briefs
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The need to protect your family jewels cannot be emphasized enough. If you’re tired of your berries sticking to your legs, the Shinesty Men’s Pouch Boxer Briefs are perfect for you.

This pair features an intelligent design (Ball Hammock technology–yes that’s really what it’s called) that ensures you don’t have to put up with the nasty feeling of your essentials rubbing against the wrong areas.

Simply put, these are glorious boxer briefs of premium quality. The soft, moisture-wicking, and breathability fabric will keep your undercarriage comfortable throughout the day. Better still, boxer briefs feature a quick access pee flap featuring a 4-way stretch design for added convenience.

7. Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs

Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs
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We can confidently say that the Natural Feelings Boxer Briefs will be your next favorite piece of clothing. They are at the top of the most comfortable men’s underwear list because of their innovative design. Essentially, they keep both your jewels and your thighs comfortable.

If you have muscular thighs and never seem to find comfortable men’s underwear, this is a model you are likely to love.

Apart from the fantastic compression-free pouch, these men’s boxers are comfortable against the skin. They boast a no-pilling, no color fading fabric made from a blend of cotton and spandex. That said, if you’re looking for durable and low-maintenance boxers, look no further!

8. New Balance Men’s Boxer Brief

New Balance Men's Boxer Brief
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It’s never easy to find top-quality yet budget-friendly men’s underwear. If you are tight on cash but still want the best boxer briefs designed to provide unmatched comfort, you may want to consider the New Balance Men’s Boxer Brief.

As the name suggests, these are undies meant to deliver some level of balance you have never experienced before.

First, these are no-fly boxer briefs with a design focused on providing the ultimate support. They also offer incredible comfort with their elastic waistband and super soft, lightweight, and breathable fabric.

While these are all features we expect from a premium quality boxer, the brand goes further by keeping the design tagless.

9. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Underwear

Tommy Hilfiger Men's Underwear
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If you are looking for a men’s underwear design that separates the berries from your legs, the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Underwear Knit Boxers may not be for you.

However, if you want men’s boxers designed to give your boys the much-needed freedom, this is a pair of undies we highly recommend. They look good, and you can choose from a range of colors and patterns.

Boxers that aren’t cut tight are not for everyone. However, if this is a design that will keep you cozy, it’s hard to go wrong with Tommy Hilfiger underwear. Everything from the waistband to the fabric provides maximum comfort irrespective of the weather or your activities.

10. DODOMIAN Men’s Boxer Briefs

DODOMIAN Mens Boxer Briefs
Buy now

Last but not least is the DODOMIAN Men’s Boxer Briefs. This is yet another budget-friendly option that offers excellent value for each coin you spend. DODOMIAN is a pretty new brand compared to companies like Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein.

However, it specializes in underclothes, making it an industry force we cannot ignore.

This pair of men’s boxer briefs feature a soft, stretchy, and breathable fabric made from a careful blend of Bamboo fiber and spandex.

Better still, it has a 3D pouch with an open fly to give your essentials proper support and plenty of room to breathe. The undies are perfect for everyday wear and keep you feeling fresh and comfortable.

Men’s Underwear: A Complete Buying Guide

Good grooming is an in-thing. It begins from keeping your body clean down to outer appearance. Most importantly, it also involves keeping your essentials comfortable for the ultimate masculine confidence.

Here are some essential tips to help you find the best men’s underwear:


The best boxer material should keep your essentials feeling fresh. Therefore, it is best to choose men’s boxers made from natural fiber such as cotton. A breathable fabric can go a long way in saving you from the discomfort of your bells sticking against your legs.

Furthermore, the best underwear design should provide snug support. Materials made from stretchable elements such as spandex give the best fitting support. On the other hand, fabrics like silk can keep you cool during hot days and feel nice against the skin.

Underwear Design

When it comes to choosing men’s underwear, you have a range of design options at your disposal. They include

  • Boxer trunks
  • Boxers
  • Boxer briefs
  • Briefs, etc.

If you want underwear that provides a casual, comfortable fit, boxer briefs are your best option. On the other hand, you may want to settle for briefs if you want more support. Note that briefs may not be the coziest option if you don’t intend to wear an official trouser that features a soft material.

Men’s trunk underwear is an ideal option for men who wear jeans and shorts. They provide excellent support, just like briefs, but feature more material to protect your thighs from brushing against your trousers’ fabric.


Nothing is as crucial as finding comfortable men’s underwear. When it comes to choosing undergarments for any occasion, comfort means everything.

Great fashion can only make you feel confident for a short while. If you are like most men, the chances are that you’ll not hesitate to throw out briefs that don’t provide much-needed comfort.

The first thing to consider is the weather patterns around your area. If you live in a relatively hot region, the chances are that you may sweat excessively around your delicate area. Hence, choosing the best briefs for men made from breathable material must be a priority.

Furthermore, consider the design of your favorite pair of pants. If you like your trousers baggy, loose-fitting boxer shorts are a good choice. However, it’s better to stick to briefs or short boxer trunks if you prefer tight-fitting trousers. The idea is to choose a design that keeps you cozy by getting rid of annoying bumps and lumps. 

Patterns and Colors

You probably think that any boxer color or pattern is okay. After all, most people will never see you in your undies. While the hue factor is not critical, you merely need to choose undergarments you can maintain without much strain.

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When searching for comfortable men’s underwear, it is perfectly okay to go for color and pattern options that suit your preferences. However, you must brace yourself for the level of maintenance required. White undies look great, but they need more care to remain in pristine condition. On the other hand, dark-colored boxers are easier to maintain.


You must practice your due diligence when choosing the size of boxers to buy. Most manufacturers offer the usual generic sizes, which include small, large, medium, and extra-large. However, these sizes vary slightly depending on the country where a particular product is made.

The easiest way to find undergarments of the right size is to consider your waist measurements. You can then visit a brand’s website to check out its measurement chart. Again, choosing the perfect size of men’s underwear will help to boost your confidence. 


Wearing comfortable men’s underwear can make your day. It can also spruce up your overall looks by making you feel more confident. If you are ready for an upgrade, we hope you can find the best boxers on our list.

Finding the best undergarments is often an uphill task. Therefore, once you pick a product from our list and take it for a test run, be sure to be back with a review. 

Got any questions about finding the most comfortable men’s underwear? Can you already vouch for any of our recommended pairs? Leave us a shout below!