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    Boxx Electric Bike
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Boxx Electric Bike

What’s 36-inches long, accelerates to 35mph and can drive for 80 miles on a single charge?  The new Boxx Electric Bike which was recently revealed at the Portland Auto Show.  This small format personal transport is designed with the urban commuter in mind, a way to get from point A to B and back without a single ounce of gasoline.  The base model Boxx comes with a 40-mile range standard, but an additional battery option is available to boost that range to the full 80 mile charge.  Other options include a seat warmer for cold climates and a quick charger that’ll juice your Boxx in just 1-hour. The Boxx will retail at $3,999 and is available now.  That price may seem steep for what is essentially an electric scooter, but electric models are rarely available in this price range.  [via technabob]

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