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    Como Shambhala Resort – Bali
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Como Shambhala Resort – Bali

Who says you need beach access to explore the wonders of Bali?  The Como Shambhala Resort is proof of the contrary, a wondrous forest retreat for hedonistic travelers.  This hotel and spa features a collection of quiet, terraced swimming pools, lounges, dining rooms and remote areas for private contemplation.  The guest rooms provide sweeping views of the environs of Ubud, Bali, and their interiors match natural wood structures with comfortable, draping white furnishings.  Guests can expect to pay $535 a night for a standard room, with private villa prices climbing as high as $3,570 for the royal treatment.  For the traveler that wants to truly get away from it all, this destination is a welcome escape.  [via trendland]

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