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Mad Max Ford Interceptor Concepts

mad max ford falcon2 Mad Max Ford Interceptor Concepts

Apocalyptic Aussie masterpiece Mad Max is on the road again, this time with redesigned versions of the 1973 Ford XB Falcon, which was re-imagined for the fourth version of the film, Fury Road. A pair of clay Interceptor models were spotted at a Ford promo event at Melbourne’s Australian International Motor Show. The less than half-scale models were concepts dreamed up by designers Simon Brook and Nima Nourian and include various weapons like anti-motorcycle tasers and telescoping spikes to tire-stab vehicular intruders. The promotional event was organized with Top Gear Australia, which has a glossy, animated video of the car concepts. It’s too bad no one bothered to render any smoke, grime or bullet holes… [via fubiz]

mad max ford falcon6 Mad Max Ford Interceptor Concepts

Ford XB Falcon Concepts

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