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Win Your Own Private Paradise Through Samsung’s “SOS Island”

TI landingPage 16 600x565 Win Your Own Private Paradise Through Samsung’s “SOS Island”

Imagine yourself on a pristine, beautiful tropical island – and it’s all yours!

How can you find such serenity? Become a competitor on Samsung’s interactive, online, livestream reality series: “SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest,” and you can win your own piece of paradise. Well-known TV star and survival expert Les Stroud will be training 16 adventure junkies to survive being stranded on a deserted island for two weeks, and chronicle how they conquer challenges using their trusty Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom and Galaxy NX. The winner of the reality-TV-meets-social-media-sharing competition will score a $100K prize, applicable toward their very own island.

“SOS Island” will be shot and live-streamed from a remote location in the Caribbean and contestants will face rigorous physical challenges and quests that demonstrate the photographic capabilities of the Galaxy S4 zoom. If you’re physically fit, tech-savvy and have the social media know-how to share your stunning photos and updates to rally the audience into your voting corner, victory can be yours.

Global casting is underway now! Watch Les Stroud’s tempting invitation below, and enter to become a cast member of “SOS Island” before September 2.


Brought to you by Samsung SOS Island. Click here to learn more

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