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    NoteSlate eSketcher
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NoteSlate eSketcher

The NoteSlate eSketcher takes a bold direction in the world of gadgetry– simplicity.  Life used to be so simple– just a pencil and paper combined as the perfect sidearm of the student, the artist and the list maker.  Today we’ve got our laptops, our iPads, our Kindles and our mobile phones cluttering up our desks.  The NoteSlate hopes to simplify that, providing one basic function to its user: the ability to write, draw and doodle to their heart’s content, just like pencil on paper.

The NoteSlate is an e-ink tablet that records hand-drawn input from an included stylus.  Users can take notes, diagram objects, draw ideas and make lists, all of which are stored in an internal storage card.  These pages can be pulled up later on the device itself, or transferred to a computer using a mini USB connection.  The internal battery on the NoteSlate provides up to 180 hours of continuous use before requiring another charge.  In the future, NoteSlate can also be powered by a solar panel on the rear of the device, providing an option to go grid-free.

NoteSlate is available in several colors, including one option for a multi-color display.  The basic versions only allow one color, but the multi-color provides white, green, blue and red on a black background.  The NoteSlate has targeted June 2011 as a release date, and while these images are only renderings, we’re hopeful that this date will be met with this very, very cool gadget.

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