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    Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser
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Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser

This striking work of green residential architecture is almost sculptural in nature, a progressive design that paves its own path in the extra-Parisian countryside.  Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser is built into an 18th century orangery, constructed to preserve much of the existing plot and bringing the greenery into the design of this home.  Its main level is actually lowered below grade, providing for natural cooling through a large, open set of rooms that are partially lit by skylights above.

The roof above the main level is laced in local greenery that wrap around those skylights.  Above the green roof rise a series of three-story towers that each feature a private bedroom, bathroom and changing area.  Each is positioned with its own unique view of the land beyond, a nice way of designing the layout of the house around the features of the plot.  Maison L is just a short drive from Paris, and the Pottgiesser team did a brilliant job providing a nature-focused retreat on this old run of French countryside.  [pottgiesser architecturepossibles via designboom]

Maison L by Christian Pottgiesser Gallery