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    Lum-Tec Bull 45 Chronograph
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Lum-Tec Bull 45 Chronograph

Lum-Tec Bull 45 Chronograph 1

Lum-Tec’s Bull 45 Chronograph is a rugged military-style timepiece that’s more than fashionable enough for us civilians. 

This jet black beauty is coated in midnight PVD on the case and buckle with a thick rubber strap keeping it on your wrist.  The case itself is stainless steel, with a Japanese quartz heartbeat driving the full-size dials on the display within. 

Built to take a licking, this Bull will keep ticking at 100 m underwater and will certainly withstand the elements above. 

We love the look, and for those who can’t quite afford a Bell&Ross, this Lum-Tec may be just the ticket.  [$599 at lum-tec via professionalwatches]

Lum-Tec Bull 45 Chronograph2

Lum-Tec Bull 45 Chronograph 3