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    Brightness Dawn by Setareh Mohtarez
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Brightness Dawn by Setareh Mohtarez

Cosmic.  Wondrous.  Unique and breathtaking.  These words describe the brilliant work of fashion designer Setareh Mohtarez and her Brightness Dawn collection.  Since 2009, Mohtarez has produced a line of womens wear that is at once far different and far ahead of the modern trends.  Her clothing involves prints of starry galaxies on precisely cut and stitched materials.  The dress above is alive with the black of space and the blue and white brightness of the stars.  Each item in Mohtarez’ Brightness Dawn collection is lit with stars, but wears a different pattern, color and cut.  The line includes other stand-outs below, like a green folded dress, a blue ruffled coat, a yellow cocktail dress and a purple skirt and leggings.  We’ve never seen anything quite like this, and must salute Setareh Mohtarez for her unique inspiration and precise execution. [via trendland]

Setareh Mohtarez Gallery