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    Ceramic Gun Lights by Ryan Weigner
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Ceramic Gun Lights by Ryan Weigner

Each of these killer ceramic gun sconces were hand created by designer Ryan Weigner to add an edgy character to any room. After casting these pistols in sturdy ceramic molds, they’re coated in a semi-matte glaze to enhance the fine craftsmanship and realistic features of  each sconce. Weigner’s fixtures are fully wired and ready to illuminate the darkness in molds sculpted after AK47s, Tri-9mm and 9mm artillery.  A combination of tedious work and clever design creates these weapons of artistic function.  Dig this sort of thing as much as we do?  Check out our feature on Deadly Design: 20 Dangerous Weapon-Inspired Designs.  [via theawesomer]

Ceramic Gun Lights by Ryan Weigner Gallery