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    Earth From Below by Stephen Alvarez
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Earth From Below by Stephen Alvarez

Photographer Stephen Alvarez has been fascinated with the world beneath our feet from his youth, exploring the open caverns of his home state of Tennessee.  This exploration is something that Alvarez has never given up, having now fused it with his other great passion– photography.  Over 15 years, Stephen Alvarez has been capturing caves across the world in a series he calls Earth From Below.  Alvarez has traveled to Abkhazia, to the world’s deepest cave, to the fern-tipped caves of Mexico and many places in between.  His work is a reminder that nature is active not only around us, but beneath our feet as well.  For a look into the hidden depths of the world, visit Stephen’s website and enjoy the gallery below.  [stephen alvarez via mymodernmet]

Earth From Below Gallery