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    Khadakvasla House
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Khadakvasla House

The Khadakvasla House is a tropical paradise, a home that blurs the lines between shelter and nature, blue skies above and water below.  Located in western India, the Khadakvasla House takes advantage of the lush tropical environment with a design that is open to its beauty.  Arranged in a “u” shape format, the home is focused upon a central veranda with a still pool that snakes along its walkways.    Sunsets fade in the distance beyond the veranda, where the home’s inhabitants and guests are treated to nightly entertainment by mother nature herself.

The home itself is stunning, lined and accented with dark timber lattice that stretches above the walkways of the veranda.  The private sections of the home are located on one side, while the public areas for entertaining are located on the opposite side.  Both open up to the veranda to share the pool and a central living room that can be closed off in heavy weather.  While the Khadakvasla House is on the opposite side of the globe from Brazil, this work by SPASM Design Architects reminds us quite a bit of the work of Marcio Kogan.  That comparison is one of deep respect, as Kogan is amongst our favorites here on TheCoolist.  [spasm design architects via archdaily, photos by sebastian zacharia]

Khadakvasla House Gallery