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    Zarb Bizarre Champagne Packaging
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Zarb Bizarre Champagne Packaging

Zarb Champagne shouldn’t have a tough time catching your attention at your local wine boutique.  These wild and wondrous champagne bottles are styled in a truly bizarre manner, reflecting the identity of the Zarb brand itself.  In French, the word Zarb is slang for “bizarre”, a moniker well suited to this new line of champagne.  The bubbly within this bottle isn’t your run-of-the-mill sparkling white either.  It hails from the Champagne region of France, so it bears the title of Champagne with true authenticity.  This line of packaging might just be the most exotic that a Champagne producer would ever dare to market.  We think pushing this bar is quite a healthy exercise– and we’ll drink to that!!  [zarb champagne via trendland. design: they]

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