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    CastaDiva Resort, Lake Como Italy
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CastaDiva Resort, Lake Como Italy

Lake Como has long been a luxury retreat for personalities like George Clooney, Madonna, Richard Branson and others.  This deep, old European lake is one of unparalleled beauty, bordered by both the countryside of Italy and the mountains of Switzerland.  Around Lake Como, hills rise out of the water, dotted by the lazy lights of old-world homes, restaurants– and the CastaDiva Resort.

CastaDiva is a young, design-minded hotel in an old Italian mansion that once played host to Italy’s fashionable elite.  The building has been rehabbed as a luxury hotel for those that wish to escape the bustle of Europe for a chance to unwind.  The peaceful setting is hard to beat, as are the luxuries within.  CastaDiva features a range of amenities for its guests that include spas, indoor and outdoor pools, restaurants, private villas, golf and more.  But the value central to the CastaDiva experience is the lifestyle afforded by this centuries old mansion.  While resort options are plentiful in Lake Como, this new retreat is easily amongst the area’s most beautiful.  [castadiva resort via mosaic]

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