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Elmoto HR-2 Electric Bike

elmoto hr 2 electric bike 1 Elmoto HR 2 Electric Bike

The Elmoto HR-2 Electric Bike is the latest in the evolution of electric-powered transportation on two wheels.  While the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle was the first to hit the mass market, the lighter, cruise-minded Elmoto HR-2 is joining the race for electric urban transport.  More of a moped than a motorcycle like the Brammo Enertia, the Elmoto HR-2 has a charge range of 43 miles, capable of top speeds up to 28mph.  This is ideal for the pace of the city, a great commuter bike to get you from home to work and back.  At the end of the night, you can charge the Elmoto HR-2 in just two to four hours, with a full charge ready for the coming morning.  No word on price yet, but the Elmoto HR-2 electric bike has hit production– we’ll keep you informed as soon as this baby is available stateside. [elmoto via designboom]

elmoto hr 2 electric bike 5 Elmoto HR 2 Electric Bike


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