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The Urban Mural Art of Dan23

dan23 mural artwork 1 The Urban Mural Art of Dan23

Inspired by street art and the legends of music and culture, French artist Daniel Bussiere, or Dan23, is earning the respect of the urban art world.  Instead of painting with a collection of spray cans, Dan23 uses traditional means to create pieces that rest on walls flanked by graffiti.  Dan23’s subject matter are the greats of music and culture, with soul music legends like Ray Charles and James Brown and cultural icons like the Dalai Lama and Barack Obama.  Most recently, Dan23 has been creating live paintings alongside touring acts in France, some of which are for sale on his cheval23 website.  [cheval23 via popwhore]

dan23 mural artwork 3 The Urban Mural Art of Dan23


Dan23 Mural Inspirations Gallery

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