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    The Milky Way Alarm Clock by Henrik Amberla
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The Milky Way Alarm Clock by Henrik Amberla


Designer Henrik Amberla took on quite a challenge in attempting to make the alarm clock a thing of beauty.  In our home, at least, the alarm clock is the most hated device, representing the end of our dreams and the beginning of the work day.  But the Milky Way Alarm Clock by Henrik Amberla is hard not to love– it packs a future-forward design sensibility into a shape inspired by the Milky Way galaxy.  Amberla’s alarm clock snoozes when rotated to the next display, and set when flipped on its opposite side.  This refreshing design would look lovely on our bedside nightstand, and its beauty would likely prevent us from tossing it at the wall like so many alarm clocks before it.