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    Chopard Watches for Alfa Romeo
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Chopard Watches for Alfa Romeo

Chopard Watches and Alfa Romeo Automobiles are celebrating some pretty impressive milestones in 2010.  Chopard has been crafting luxury watches for 150 years, while Alfa Romeo has been building luxury sports cars for a full century. To celebrate these achievements, Chopard has created a series of watches for Alfa Romeo and fans of the company’s automobiles.  These stylish timepieces feature obvious influences from the world of motorsports, with an odometer-style display, red Romeo accents and a tire tread band that completes the look.  If you’re a fan of Chopard and Alfa Romeo, how can you not want one of these?  If you want to secure one of these on your wrist, it’ll cost you– and only 500 of the Chopard Watches for Alfa Romeo will be produced. [chopard via flylyf]

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