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    Hotel Favorita, Porto, Portugal
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Hotel Favorita, Porto, Portugal

The best way to experience a foreign city is to live amongst its locals the way the locals do.  If Porto, Portugal is on your itinerary (and it should be), the  Hotel Favorita can provide the sense of localized immersion that a major hotel cannot.  Hotel Favorita is built into a pair of thin, four-flat buildings which retain the flavor of apartment living in Porto.  The bedrooms, dining area, lounge and patio feel like home, but are given a subtle, high-style treatment that is so inviting to the design traveler.  Beyond the doors of Hotel Favorita is the gallery district of Porto, a destination showcasing the best of Portugal’s arts and culture lifestyle.  A few nights in this hotel and you’re likely to feel same spirit as a Porto native– if only for a moment.  [hotel favorita via yatzer]

Hotel Favorita Gallery