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    Wooden Furniture by Vito Selma
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Wooden Furniture by Vito Selma

Furniture designer Vito Selma is a master of geometry and wood, conception and craft.  Selma creates a range of wooden furniture that appear to be visually complex, but are based on simple geometric patterns.  The table above, titled Geo, features an interwoven three-dimensional grid with cross bars connecting one point to the next.  While it might be simple in theory, the execution and result are stunningly complex.

Vito Selma works out of his one-man shop in Cebu, Philippines, having accomplished much at his young age.  Selma’s work has been commissioned by the princess of his home country as well as Saudi Royalty and the famed South African president and activist, Nelson Mandela.  With his best years ahead of him, his body of work is already remarkable.  Enjoy more in the gallery below… [via core77]

Vito Selma Furniture Gallery