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Leica M Full Frame Camera

The M by Leica is a full frame, video-capable and DSLR camera phenom. Vast advancements in modern optical technology lie beneath the stability of the solid brass base plates and magnesium alloy body of the retro styled M. Splash proof rubber seals are just another perk to this versatile and innovative picture capturing machine. Buttons on the M are ergonomically placed to optimize functionality and efficiency during the image capturing process. Advanced rangefinder technology, live view focusing and high resolution, 24-megapixel CMOS sensor make the M a leader in outstanding imaging.  Amongst the rash of full frame camera news lately (including the Nikon D600), the Leica M is likely the that that will have photography purists drooling the most…

Leica M Full Frame HD Video Intercgangeable Lens Camera Gallery

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