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Zaha Hadid’s Wine Bottle Design

Rock star architect Zaha Hadid has tried her very prolific hands at a structure a bit smaller than usual, a wine bottle design for Leo Hillinger Winery.  The ICON HILL wine bottle by Zaha Hadid will be produced in a limited run of 999 bottles, holding an award winning wine by the Austrian vintner.  The bottle features subtle-yet-shapely curves and an indented center with a curvy posterior on the bottom end.  It is unadorned save for a logo on the upper neck and a stamp on the bottom bearing Hadid’s design moniker.  It’s a lovely little bottle, one that recalls the architectural designs that have made Zaha Hadid a household name.  As one of the greatest living architects, her wine bottle design is sure to attract a rush by collectors– fans of both wine and architecture alike.

Zaha Hadid Wine Bottle Design 1

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