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    Firmship 42 by Willem Nieland
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Firmship 42 by Willem Nieland

As most new boat designs focus too much on futurism and the cutting edge, this design by Willem Nieland is a breath of fresh air, a throwback to the classic vessels of the early-mid 20th century.  The Firmship 42 by Willem Nieland is a 42′ yacht with traditional tugboat charm and rustic interior furnishings.  The design is clean and earthy, featuring a wooden-walled interior and wooden exterior seating.  These accents provide a visual flow to the otherwise white vessel, a design that feels very 1940 in the waters of 2011.  Excellent work, Willem Nieland.  If you’re looking to drop one of these in your personal dock, prices start at $450k after conversion from the Euro.

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