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Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed by Frederic Chaubin

A sense of futurism was very much alive in Soviet culture in the 1970s, one exemplified by the communist architecture of the time.  Photographer Frederic Chaubin has captured 90 select structures in a book for Taschen called Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed.  Chaubin traveled across 14 former Soviet Republics to visit these bizarre buildings that feel like the works of fantasy or of an alien inspiration.  These include the strange saucer-shaped resort in the Ukraine, shown above, the fantastical Palace of Ceremonies in Georgia, shown below, and a range of other buildings that feel truly surreal.  Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed is available direct from Taschen for $59.99, including 312 pages that are aching for your coffee table.  [via weheart]

Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed Gallery