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    The 13 Best Gas Grills of 2023 (Reviews) for Moist and Tender BBQ
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The 13 Best Gas Grills of 2023 (Reviews) for Moist and Tender BBQ

Gas grills create amazing cookouts and offer a world of convenience to your barbecue. Interestingly, the best gas grills are not necessarily the most expensive ones on the market. Today, we teach you what you need to know about the top-rated models on the market.

Best Gas Grill

Ever since Don McGlaughlin invented the first gas grill in the 1930’s the world has never looked back. Gas grills are the very definition of convenience. They light up quickly and without hassle, are easy to control, and are mercifully easy to clean.

Unlike charcoal grills, where temperature fluctuation is the norm, gas is a constant heat source allowing you to cook with a grill master’s proficiency all day, without interruptions.

You actually can connect your gas grill to the home gas line for unlimited cooking fuel. And you don’t have to worry about straining the environment because gas grills are more environmental friendly than charcoal grills.

What Is the Best Gas Grill in 2021?

Unfortunately, not every gas grill will impress you. To achieve an exemplary grilling performance means that you only use the best and most reliable gas grills. Here is a comprehensive review of the 30 best gas grills money can buy.

1. Weber Genesis II E-315 Propane Gas Grill

The Weber brand has been around for over 50 years and continues to impress with exemplary craftsmanship and generous warranties for their products.

The Genesis E-315 may not be the most sophisticated Weber gas grill, but it is packed with features that will delight you.

The Weber Genesis II E-315 in copper color
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Equipped with 3 stainless steel burners that give a 39,000 BTU heat output, the E-315 grill is powerful enough to put up a top-notch grilling performance.

The burners are guaranteed to come to life every time thanks to the reliable infinity ignition. Once it’s up and running, you can grill till you drop with 669 sq. inches of cooking capacity. This is enough to hold up to 25 burgers at a time–are you up to it? The Weber is.

What’s more, the cooking area features porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates that evenly distribute heat across the entire cooking surface.

You will also love the convenience of the tuck-away rack that allows you to toast buns or keep food warm as the main dish grills on the grate. And when you feel like it’s getting in your way, you can fold and store it for future use.

The Weber experience cannot be complete without the iGrill 3 smart technology. This allows you hands-free food monitoring by displaying real-time food temperatures on your smartphone. Although you have to buy it separately, it’s worth every penny.

You are at liberty to configure the E-315 for propane or natural gas.

2. Weber Genesis II S-335 Natural Gas Grill

The Weber Genesis II S-335 features a whopping 513 sq. inches of main cooking area and offers an extra 196 sq. inches of grilling space, thanks to the tuck-away rack.

Couple that with the three burners producing a total grill power of 39,000 BTUs, and you could hit restaurant-level grilling performance if you have the skills to boot.

Burgers, chicken, and potatoes grilling on the Weber Genesis II S 335
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If you still need more cooking power, the S-335 packs an extra 9000 BTUs in the sear station. And then, there’s a 12,000 BTU side burner that allows you to sauté your veggies or simmer BBQ sauce alongside the main dish.

If you notice a smoky flavor in your food, give thanks to the flavorizer bars that vaporize drippings, sauces, and other meat juices. This makes your food juicier, tastier, and smokier–and makes you seem like a genius grill cook in the process.

Cooking out gets even easier with the iGrill, an app-connected thermometer that closely monitors the food temperature and notifies you when food is done.

To ensure safety as you grill, the grease management system eliminates flare-ups by channeling the grease away from the burners into the grill pan.

What’s more? This feature-rich grill comes with a 100% 10-year Weber guarantee.

3. Weber Genesis II S-435 Propane Grill

Weber is synonymous with quality, and the Weber Genesis II S-435 is proof of that. This stainless steel grill comes ready to get the job done.

With up to 844 sq. inches of grilling surface, you can cook enough food for the entire neighborhood block. And with a grill power of 69,000 BTUs, you can cook without any limitations.

The Weber Genesis II S-435 stainless steel model
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You’ve got to give it to Weber for their impressive engineering in the S-435.

Take the case of the stainless steel flavorizer bars: Due to their closeness to the burners, they get extremely hot and vaporize the drippings into a smokey flavor that seeps into the meat. Alongside the grease management system, this feature reduces flare-ups.

Add some swag and convenience to your cooking using the iGrill, an app-connected thermometer that allows real-time monitoring of the food temperature right from your mobile device.

The side tables will allow you to keep your grilling tools within reach, and the grill cabinets provide extra storage for your grilling accessories.

Like all Weber’s Genesis II models, the S-435 is a worthy addition to your outdoor cooking space.

4. Weber Q2200 Portable Propane Gas Grill

The Q2200 is an improved version of Weber’s previous model, the Q220. It is also one of the best gas grills for the money, offering the same great performance but with additional features that make it the perfect camping and tailgating companion.

The Weber Q2200 portable gas grill at the beach
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The Weber Q2200 features a 12,000 BTU burner and a cooking areas of 280 sq. inches. While this cooking surface isn’t the largest you can get, you do get a domed lid which yields enough space to comfortably handle a whole chicken and other larger roasts.

If seared food is your guilty pleasure, you will have 600 degrees of heating capacity at your disposal to make it a reality every time..

The Weber Q2200 has a unique design that allows you to cook with the lid closed, allowing you to retain all of the flavors. And the good thing is that there’s a thermometer to monitor the temperatures so that you can have everything under control.

If the strength of the cast iron lid and body are anything to go by, you have a reliable outdoor cooking partner in this one.

5. Broil King Regal S490 Pro 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill

Broil King has an unwavering commitment to producing gas grills that offer exemplary performance. The Broil King Regal S490 is a testament to this.

The Broil King Regal S490 Pro, including a rotisserie and side burner
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With 50,000 BTU of heat output, this 4-burner gas grill with side burner can handle anything you throw at it. And if mouth-watering roasts are your fetish, the S490 Pro’s rear rotisserie burner will treat you to seared steaks.

To handle this enormous grill power is the stainless steel Flav-R-Wave cooking system that evenly distributes heat to make food tastier and juicier.

With this purchase, you’ll get 500 sq. inches of cooking capacity in the primary cooking area. If that is not enough, it has an extra 195 sq. inches that you can use to cook sides or warm your food. 

Get the grill up and running with the Sure Lite electronic ignition that promises nothing but a reliable start every time. Included is a Sensi Touch control display for temperature management and illuminated knob lights for easy grilling at night.

6. Saber Premium 670 Propane Grill with Infrared Cooking

Saber’s legacy is embodied in revolutionary products such as the Saber Premium 670. This unit delivers steakhouse-quality right to your backyard. 

You have a patented infrared cooking system to thank. It allows superior grilling by evenly distributing heat and preventing flare-ups.

The 4-burner Saber Premium 670 with side burner
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Flavorful and juicier foods are assured every time you fire the Premium 670 up, thanks to cooking grates that catch any drippings and infuse food with a great flavor.

Featuring four 8000-BTU gas burners that evenly heat the 670 sq. inches cooking area, you’ll never compromise on bringing the heat to your next cookout. There’s also an 18,000 BTU side burner that allows you to cook, boil or warm your food as grilling continues under the lid.

With push-button ignition, you will be ready to roll in just 12 minutes. And you’ll have the freedom to turn on the heat if you want to sear and to tone it down if all you want is to roast your ribs.

Grilling does not have to stop when darkness strikes. Thanks to the internal halogen lights, you have nighttime visibility for easy navigation on the cooking surface. 

7. Broil King Porta-Chef 320 Portable Propane Gas Grill

If convenience is your greatest desire when grilling on the go, the Broil King Porta-Chef 320 fits the bill. This cast aluminum constructed grill gives full-size grills a run for their money thanks to its impressive features.

Two people carrying the Broil King Porta Chef 320
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The Porta Chef 320 unit is powered by three 18000-BTU stainless steel burners that reach 500 degrees without breaking a sweat. In fact, it offers up to 50% more grill power than other portable grills in its range.

With such power, you can barbecue anything that comes to mind on the 426 sq. inches of cooking area. And don’t forget, you have at your disposal the Flav-R-Wave cooking system that evenly distributes heat and offers vaporization, ensuring nothing but the best flavors.

What is a burner without a reliable ignition system? Here, you have a Sure-Lite electronic ignition system that provides reliable starts every time it’s called upon.

And once the burner is up and running, you can easily monitor internal temperatures thanks to the Accu-Temp thermometer mounted on the grill hood.

The four sturdy snap-in legs are detachable and stored under the grill for easy storage and portability. You will thank yourself later for not leaving the Porta-Chef behind when going camping. 

8. Napoleon Phantom TravelQ Pro 285X Portable Propane Grill

If a luxurious travel mate is what you seek, you will find it in Napoleon Phantom TravelQ. This is an elegant and feature-rich grill, adeptly crafted with the adventurer in mind.  

The Napoleon Phantom TravelQ Pro 285X folded up like luggage
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With 285 inches of cooking space and a high-top lid, the Phantom TravelQ Pro 285X can barbecue up to 20 hamburgers, a bunch of ribs, and even a whole chicken–all on the go, to boot. The 12,000 BTUs stainless steel dual burners allow you to bake or roast and cook directly on the heat if your steak deserves a nice sear.

Cooking is less of a hassle with Accu-probe technology that monitors the temperatures to make sure that you never burn anything. For a great barbecue, heat retention is key. The Phantom’s TravelQ superior windproof design helps retain heat, ensuring that your food cooks faster. 

Napoleon was clever enough to include a scissor cart that can be folded down to allow easy storage and portability, making it ideal for camping and tailgating. The silky-matte black finish will turn heads wherever you go.

9. Napoleon Prestige PRO 500 with Infrared Rear Burner and Rotisserie Kit

The Prestige Pro 500 comes with a whopping 500 sq. inches of cooking capacity and 80,000 BTUs of infrared heat. Thanks to the dual-level stainless steel sear plates, more heat is retained, and flare-ups will not be a bother. This means that you will get your food moist and tender every time.

The Prestige Pro 500 from Napoleon with its attractive LED knobs
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If you live for seared steak, the sizzle zone burner heats up to 1800 degrees to deliver just that. Of course, you can tone it down so you can sauté your vegetables–it’s all equally easy with the Prestige Pro 500.

Nightfall doesn’t mean the party needs to end, as the Prestige Pro comes loaded with interior halogen lights. And that’s not all; the control knobs come with a spectrum of colors to make grilling the spectacle it should be.

Did we mention that there’s a rotisserie kit? This allows you to slow cook your food so you can bring out its true flavors, and it comes with Jet-fire ignition, so firing it up is hassle-free.

10. Blaze Professional Lux 3-Burner Gas Grill With Rear Infrared Burner

The BlazeProfessional Lux is a top-of-the-line inbuilt gas grill that boasts high performance and excellent craftsmanship.

It comes ready for action with a total grill power of 54000 BTUs and 615 sq. inches of cooking area, and thanks to a flame thrower ignition system, firing up the grill is a breeze.

The luxurious Blaze Professional LUX
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Probably the most important feature of the Blaze Professional Lux is the heat zone separators. These allow you to create different cooking zones so you can cook different foods simultaneously, saving on time and fuel.

Don’t forget, there’s a rear infrared burner that packs 10,000 BTUs of raw energy–enough to perfectly slow roast your meat of choice.

Blaze throws in a flame stabilizing grid to prevent flare-ups. The double-lined grill hood plays a vital role in heat retention and proper temperature maintenance. This is supplemented by the hexagonal cooking grates that evenly distribute heat.  

You can comfortably grill at night, as the Blaze Professional Lux 34 Inch Grill comes with interior grill lights which illuminate the cooking area.

11. Alfresco ALXE 36-Inch Natural Gas Grill With Rotisserie – ALXE-36c-Ng

Life should be easy, and the Alfresco ALXE offers a hassle-free startup thanks to an electronic ignition system. With a maximum grill power of 82,500 BTU on the grill surface, you can cook whatever comes to your mind, and you have 660 sq. inches of cooking capacity to play around with.

The Alfresco ALXE natural gas grill with rotisserie
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The ALXE features ceramic briquettes and stainless steel cooking grates eliminate cold and hot spots on the food and maximize flavor.

How about some nicely seared beef? The V-shaped sear zone produces up to 1500 degrees for a perfect sear and with less than 50% fuel consumption.

If you want to grill in the big leagues, you have an 18,500 BTU rotisserie system and a 5,000 BTU stainless steel burner with cold smoke capabilities at your disposal.

Handling the ALXE in action is easy; the hood assist feature incorporates a Spiral Torso system that ensures easy opening and closing of the lid. Overall, this outdoor cooking masterpiece is sure to impress.

12. Char-Broil Commercial Series Tru-Infrared

With the Char-Broil Commercial 3-Burner, you will suffer no more flare-ups, or cold and hot spots, thanks to infrared technology that also allows even distribution of heat. This means that you get juicier foods, every time.

The highly advanced Char-Broil Commercial Series Tru-Infrared gas grill
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With 40,000 BTU of heat and 575 sq. inches of grilling space, you can cook your heart out on the Commercial Series Tru-Infrared. And nothing will stop you because you will have at your disposal an electronic igniter that gets the burners ready at the push of a button.

To prevent heat loss, Char-Broil threw in a lid-mounted temperature gauge for hands-free monitoring of the cooking temperature.

With the locking casters for stability, a side shelf for extra workspace, and a warming rack for indirect cooking, a smooth grilling experience is assured with this one.

13. Char-Griller E3072 3-Burner Gas Grill

With over 25 years of experience under its sleeves, you can trust Char-Griller to know their way around grills. Take the case of the Char-Griller E3072.

The versatile Char-Griller 3-Burner Gas Grill
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Offering a combined 52,800 BTU heat output and 630 inches of cooking capacity, the E3072 represents an incredible value.

The single electronic ignition system never disappoints. In fact, every burner comes with an ignitor probe for added convenience. After you light the grill, you will be surprised at how fast it attains cooking temperatures and retains heat.

Thanks to the double smokestacks that facilitate airflow, you have the option of slow cooking if you are not in a hurry. All you need to do is occasionally check the hardened steel thermometer to monitor the cooking temperatures.

Gas Grills: How to Buy the Right One for You

Gas grills come in all designs and sizes and also come packed with different and distinct features. The following are some things you should consider when buying a gas grill.

Gas BBQ Cost

The price ranges from $100 for low-end models with limited features to over $5000 for high-end models with all the bells and whistles like remote monitoring. Bigger grills are on the high end of the price spectrum, while the smaller, portable ones are cheaper.

Prepare to break the bank for a unit with infrared heating, rotisserie, or extra side burners. The same goes for grills offering even heating and superior build.

But don’t only consider the upfront costs when purchasing a grill; consider the gas cost over time. Here is the thing: If the gas grill will be used frequently, spend a little more and have it connected to the natural gas supply line. This will save you money in the long run. Also keep in mind that gas is more energy efficient than other fuel sources such as pellets.

Alternatively, you can get a gas grill with infrared technology. Infrared heats more efficiently and will save you long-term energy costs.

Finally, you don’t want to worry about getting a new grill every year or two. It, therefore, makes sense to spend more on a durable gas grill.

Gas BBQ Size

What primarily determines the grill size is the cooking area, usually expressed in terms of square inches. You will find 450-500 sq. inches of cooking area in a normal 3 burner gas grill.

This is enough for an average household. A 6 burner featuring 550-650 sq. inches will suffice for large families and people who entertain often.

Equally important is the grill’s footprint, especially when the storage room is a problem. Most grills come with collapsible or removable side shelves.

For safety purposes, manufacturers require that the barbecue grill sits 2 meters (5-6 feet) away from the house and all flammable materials.

You must also ensure beforehand that your patio or deck can accommodate the new gas grill’s wingspan.


When purchasing a gas grill, you will find a measure of BTUs (British Thermal Units) included in the product descriptions. The number usually represents the amount of power the grill will produce. In general, the higher the BTUs, the more the grilling power.

You should bear in mind that a big grill with a large cooking area will require more BTUs to heat up. You must therefore consider how the BTU number relates to the grill size you plan to purchase.

Heat Distribution

The more heat is evenly distributed, the easier the cooking. If a grill has cold and hot spots, meat comes out unevenly cooked. With even distribution of heat, the food won’t need close monitoring.


You should not overlook safety when buying a grill. Ensure that you only buy a sturdy grill that will not topple if it gets windy. Read all the manufacturing instructions carefully to learn how to handle and operate the grill safely.

Durability and Warranty

Some grills come with a lifetime warranty, but such types don’t come cheap. It’s worth spending some more to get a gas grill you can rely on for the rest of your life. A longer warranty always points to a durable product.

Other Features and Accessories

Consider other features and accessories that will improve your grilling experience. Check for features such as the rotisserie, side burners, cooking grates, and precision thermometers. These additions smoothen the cooking process significantly.

NEED SOME BBQ INSPIRATION? Check out our top 3 grill secrets.

Final Thoughts

Gas grills are unrivaled when it comes to reliability because you can cook food in minutes. They are also best for people who care about the environment because they release less harmful emissions to the environment.

The good thing is that there are lots of options to choose from even if you aren’t prepared to spend top dollar. With a gas grill, you can look forward to flavorful, moist, and tender food day in day out.

Of course, this list may not be exhaustive. Do you think that there’s a gem we’ve left out that deserves special mention? We would love to hear from you.

Happy grilling!