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    Georges Rousse Photography
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Georges Rousse Photography

The work of Georges Rousse is unique in the world of photography, as his process goes far beyond just lighting a scene and capturing an image on film.  Rousse is, in essence, a “sculptural photographer”, in that he alters the scene with elaborate and precise paint patterns and physical manipulations to yield an entirely new space.  Much of his work consists of altering abandoned places, and to the casual observer, it may appear that Rousse has superimposed color and geometry upon these images.  But Georges Rousse spends days carefully crafting a new form to these scenes, with color, light and sometimes wood that results in truly amazing imagery.  The abandoned places of the world take on a new meaning under his lens, and we the observer are enriched as a result. [georges rousse via acidolatte and todayandtomorrow]

Georges Rousse Photography Gallery