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Hayashi Natsumi’s Levitation Self Portraits

Zen philosopher Suzuki Daisetz once explained that the experience of zen is like ordinary, everyday life, except about two inches off the ground.  Photographer Hayashi Natsumi apparently understands this first-hand, as exampled in her collection of levitative self portraits.  Natsumi is the central subject of her photography, a floating focal point around which her frames are crafted.  Train stations, public parks, alleyways and apartments play the part of the backdrop for Natsumi’s work, backdrops which she carefully coordinates with her wardrobe.  She carefully sets her frame, times the exposure and leaps into the air, visually removed from the forces of gravity.  While she naturally returns to the ground, you wouldn’t know it by looking at this set of fun, creative photography.  [via designboom]

Hayashi Natsumi’s Levitation Gallery