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    Fingerist Instrument for iPhone/iPod
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Fingerist Instrument for iPhone/iPod

The Fingerist is a new hardware accessory for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows new levels of control and audio output for musical iPhone apps.  Attach your iPhone to the Fingerist, and you can pluck, strum or synthesize using iPhone apps featuring pianos, guitars, synthesizers and drum machines.  While the Fingerist may remind some of the classic Keytar (and it’s not-so-cool baggage), Fingerist was designed with a heavy dose of style.  The iPhone slot is features a rosewood color wood grain, while the speaker section is glossy black.  That 3-watt speaker has some decent output, but if you want some more juice the Fingerist does have a 1/4-inch cable jack to plug into your amp.  Does the Fingerist suggest that you might see an iPhone on stage at your next concert?  It’s certainly possible…  In the mean time, it certainly fits into our little obsession with new-tech music gear.  [ via notcot]

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