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Weaponized Jewelry: Gold Weapon-Inspired Accessories

ak47 money clip1 Weaponized Jewelry: Gold Weapon Inspired Accessories

The iconography of weapons is deep rooted in American life.  As children, we idolized the shoot ’em up heroes, we played as robbers or cops, we couldn’t escape the message that a gun was a symbol of power.  Today, we have hopefully learned about the darker side of the weapon in life– but the subtle iconography remains.  The jewelry smiths at MathMatiks have created a series of accessories with a street flair, but adorned in gold.  From an AK47 money clip to grenade cufflinks to a gas mask pendants, the classic tools of defense are now reflected in fashion.  The prices range from $25 to $500 for a piece of this collection, and will certainly make a street-minded statement about your fashion sense when you wear them.  A history of violence aside, we can’t help but admire this set with one simple phrase:  bad ass!  [from $25 on Etsy]

zombie survival gas mask pendant1 Weaponized Jewelry: Gold Weapon Inspired Accessories


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