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    Morris Arboretum Tree Adventure
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Morris Arboretum Tree Adventure

The Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania is host to a new modern tree house resting 50 feet above the forest floor.  Tree Adventure is a sprawling, 450′ walkway suspended in the canopy that gives its visitors a birds-eye view of the forest below.  The design, created by Metcalfe Architecture and Design, features a modern shelter at its center, a man-made bird’s nest, long, angular walkways and a canopy net where visitors can relax above the forest.  The design was given the “Best of Philly” award for architecture in 2010, as a public space that promotes community and education while adopting modern design standards.  We wouldn’t mind a nap on that net high in this Pennsylvania forest.  Then again, we’ve made no secrets about our passion for modern treehouse design. [metcalfe ad via archdaily, photos by paul warhol]

Morris Arboretum Tree Adventure Gallery