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    Spirito – Martini: From Church To Nightclub
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Spirito – Martini: From Church To Nightclub

Last year, we covered what we consider to be the most beautiful bookstore in the world, a rehabbed church in Maastriche, Netherlands.  There’s something about a secularly-revived church that excites us, so we had to share the new Spirito – Martini lounge in Brussels, Belgium.  Entrepreneur Franseco Ravo purchased the church and hired the Puresang team of architectural designers to give the church new life as a nightclub.  The result is a stunning fusion of vintage Roman character and contemporary furnishings, a truly swank nightlife experience.  While some may see sacrilege, it’s not difficult to admire the work here, especially when it potentially saved an empty church from destruction, or to join the ranks of the world’s abandoned places.  [spirito – martini via yatzer]

Spirito – Martini Gallery