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    House of the Infinite is a Stoic Seaside Temple
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House of the Infinite is a Stoic Seaside Temple

When Alberto Campo Baeza set out to create the House of the Infinite, he was more interesting in building a piece of landscape architecture than just another luxury residential property. Located on the shores of Cádiz, Spain, the house takes on the appearance of a jetty stretching out towards the ocean. Its stone construction pays homage to the area’s Roman heritage, while an expansive terrace offers access to the sights and sounds of the coastline that exist in the modern day.

Built as a huge rectangular box that measures 20 metres wide by 36 metres deep, the rooftop terrace hides another two-storeys below, one of which extends onto the beach, and another that was built into the rocks behind the house. The use of travertine stone was a subtle way to reference the Roman heritage of the local area. “The Romans were there a handful of centuries ago,” explains the architect. “In their honour we have built our house, like an acropolis in stone, in Roman travertine.”

On the roof, there is a sunken swimming pool, stunning views of the ocean, and a hidden staircase that connects to the upper level of the building. This particular floor was designed for socializing, which is why there’s a large living room with a circular skylight, and a covered balcony out the front. Down another level, there are a series of en-suite bedrooms that run along either side of a central corridor that leads right out onto the beach. [photography by Javier Callejas]

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House of the Infinite by Alberto Campo Baeza | Gallery