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    Infrared Conflict by Richard Mosse
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Infrared Conflict by Richard Mosse

Irish-born photographer Richard Mosse has a rare perspective on a part of our world that remains mired in tragedy.  Mosse has traveled through the Democratic Republic of the Congo to document an on-going conflict that includes child soldiers, sexual violence and a death toll that some estimates place as high as 5.4 million.  To capture the scenery of this war-torn environment, Mosse employs an old technology once used for military surveillance in decades past.  These images were produced with the Kodak Aerochrome infrared film technology that exposes the scene with lush pinks and empty greys, a contrast that imposes a strange beauty on an unfortunate subject.  Mosse’s photographs continue to grow in popularity, presenting a new lens on a topic that most would prefer to ignore.  [via designboom]

Infrared Conflict by Richard Mosse Gallery