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    Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker
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Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker

Jawbone has released a new wireless speaker for mobile devices called the JamBox with a fresh design from Fuse Project.  The JamBox is a wireless speaker and speakerphone that adds much needed volume to mobile devices like your iPad, Nintendo DS or your mobile phone.  For a small speaker, it kicks out 85 dB of clear audio, placing it between the audible volume of a motorcycle and a rock concert.  Okay, maybe closer to a moped, but still.

Design is what has always made the Jawbone brand relevant.  They made bluetooth earpieces socially acceptable, which is a hard task for such a undesirable type of accessory.  The design of the JamBox is the work of Fuse Project, who gave JamBox four different styles, each with their own color.  JamBox is available in Black Diamond (shown above), Blue Wave, Red Dot and Grey Hex, each for $199.  The unit is charged via USB and connects to BlueTooth devices within 33 feet, or through an optional 3.5mm audio input.  We’re trying to choose between Black Diamond and Grey Hex ourselves…

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