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    BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept Gets Real
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BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept Gets Real

Last year, TheCoolist covered what would become one of the most lustworthy vehicles in new media, the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics Concept.  This weekend, BMW announced that this dream vehicle wasn’t a dream at all, but a reality ready to be produced in the years to come.  The BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics car will reportedly see production soon, maintaining a hybrid powertrain capable of 62.5 MPG and a horsepower rating of 328 bhp.  This smooth, stylish hybrid will hit 60mph in 4.8 seconds, in line to compete with the Fiskers and the Teslas of the world while providing a much more exclusive style quotient.  The new BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics sports car will be available to exclusive customers for the ripe sum of $200,000, and you’ll have a lot of driving on your hands if you hope to outpace a Prius in gas pump savings.  After all, this sports car is slated to outperform the Prius at the pump, but that’ll be up to you to find the savings on your own if you’ve got the cash in hand.  [via autoblog]

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